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“With Obama, we are defining the presidency down, and it’s happening right before our very eyes.”

“I’m a real guy. If I see a guy with a perfect crease in his pants, I say either he sits in his underwear at his desk and only puts them on when he’s going to meet people, or he doesn’t work very hard. All I’m telling you is my pants are wrinkled in the first five minutes. Once I’m in the car, it’s over. How about yours, Snerdley?”

“If it weren’t for people like Charlie Sheen, there would not be a People magazine — that’s why I’ve never wanted to be in People.”

“To be fair, in the ESPN segment where Obama made his picks, he does mention that people should go to a government website to find out about what’s happening in Japan before they fill out their brackets. How big of him.”

“I’ve rarely seen such a coordinated effort undertaken to excuse such dangerous incompetence as Obama’s, and each and every day it ramps up.”

“Obama’s just so smart, so advanced, just lives on a different astral plane than we do, and we can’t hope to understand. We should just be thankful we’re alive at the time he is.”

“The one thing that might be historic about the Obama presidency is how horrible it’s been. He may be, before this is all said and done, the worst president this country’s ever had.”

“This country used to be respected and, in some places, feared. You know, Trump’s right. I know some of you don’t want to hear that name on this show, but about this he’s right. We’re looked at as a bunch of patsies who can be played.”

“When we talk about spending, even now during these debates, we always hear, ‘You can’t cut that. You can’t cut that.’ Well, how come nobody ever say at the beginning, ‘You can’t spend that’? That’s never part of the discipline.”

“You know, I call ’em as I see ’em, I see ’em as they are, and I love hearing myself say it. You would, too, if you were right as often as I am.”

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