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RUSH: Now, I just checked the e-mail. A lot of people say, ”Rush! Rush! You need to hear what Chris Matthews said on Friday! You need to play it for your audience,’ and I’m saying, ‘I just did,’ but it was at the end of the hour, and it’s only 10 seconds. People obviously didn’t hear it, in my own audience. (chuckles) What does that say for me? But here it is again. Ladies and gentlemen, Friday night on Hardball, Matthews was… I mean, it was orgasm time, ladies and gentlemen, after Clinton took over the White House podium.

MATTHEWS: This is the alliance made by God and the Democratic Party. You’re laughing because there’s Bill Clinton back. He grabbed that podium so fast, he didn’t want to leave go of it.

RUSH: He didn’t want to LET go of it. Leave go of it? They talk like that in the South, Chris. You’d better be careful. ‘Leave go of it’? ‘[T]he alliance made by God and the Democrat Party,’ Bill Clinton and Obama.

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