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RUSH: Those of you who don’t follow football, you have to know something. Yesterday on the sidelines at the Jets/Dolphins game something very unsportsmanlike happened. It’s happened before, I don’t know in the NFL, but it’s happened before, certainly in college. What happened was this. Nolan Carroll was running down to cover a punt for the Miami Dolphins and he runs out of bounds to escape a couple of blockers. He’s the gunner. Runs out of bounds to escape a couple of blockers and he is tripped by the Jets’ strength coach, a guy by the name of Sal Alosi. And I saw it, Sal Alosi sticks his knee out there and Nolan Carroll goes falling all over himself, somersault, ends up with a charley horse, is injured. Everybody is fit to be tied over this, as they should be. Woody Hayes, remember, coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes, opposing player intercepted an Ohio State pass and Woody Hayes went out and slugged the guy, went on the field. Interception happened right in front of Woody Hayes. Woody Hayes went right out there and slugged the guy. It wasn’t long after that that Woody Hayes retired.

So it’s happened before. I remember in a Steelers game, some Steelers’ opponent intercepted a pass, running down the sideline. Coach Bill Cowher balled up his fist and looked ready, he was so mad he looked ready to chop that guy. But he backed off. It didn’t happen. So everybody is just beside themselves. The sports media, ‘That guy ought to be fired. I don’t care if his apology was right. This is unseemly. This is uncalled for! This kind of sportsmanship, why, this should not be allowed.’ Wouldn’t it be nice if voter fraud and climate fraud and stimulus fraud was covered with the same intensity as this thing that happened with the Jets/Dolphins? Even the Business Insider has a story on what happened. New York Jets assistant should be fired for tripping a Dolphins player. This is at Business Insider, not a sports page, not a sportswriter. The Business Insider is calling for the coach’s firing because he cheated.

So the question is, since when does that matter? Since when does it matter? Because people look at the climate global warming fraud, the hoax, the lies of the stimulus package, voter fraud and so forth, ACORN, where’s the anger at that stuff that in its own universe really matters? In Obamaville this coach is a hero. In the world of politics anybody that helps the Democrats get away with cheating is a hero. But on the football field it’s the other way around.

I’ll bet you sports talk shows, I’ll bet you other talk shows, not just in the world of sports, are all over this incident. I’ll bet people are talking about it like it’s the biggest outrage they have ever seen. Yeah, it was outrageous but it’s no more outrageous and no more meaningful than some of the legitimate cheating and fraud that takes place by the Democrat Party in this country that may as well been the Obama team on the sideline that did it. First time anybody’s mad at them. It was Woody Hayes who punched Clemson linebacker Charlie Bauman, the 1978 Gator Bowl. I mean, literally grabbed the guy by the face mask and socked him in the face. My dad loved Woody Hayes.


RUSH: Look, folks, I’m being dead serious about this. Everybody thinks that I’m just off on a tangent trying to be funny. If the Jets coach that stuck his knee out and tripped the Dolphins player — if this guy, the Jets coach — were a Democrat candidate, I kid you not, everybody would be demanding to look at that video over and over again from all kinds of different angles, slo-mo. Eventually the coach would be cleared; the Dolphin player would be blamed and kicked out of football. If this were politics. If the coach were a Democrat candidate. If they find that this coach is a Republican, he has no prayer of ever working in the League again. I guarantee you. And look at this. I mean, I’m right again.

From Off The Bench, that’s NBCSports.com: ‘How George Halas Invented the Sideline Trip.’ So here’s a story on, ‘Hey, let’s have a little context here. It’s no big deal.’ That coach must be a Democrat. The Jets coach must be a Democrat. It’s no big deal here, because this story is about how it was invented by George Halas. The Bears were playing the Giants or the Rams one day and one of the Rams players or Giants players intercepted a Bears pass, was running forward end zone, and there was no way to catch him. So Halas stuck his foot out and tripped the guy, got a 15-yard penalty. Halas knew that his defense would keep them out of the end zone and that’s what happened. All it was was a 15-yard penalty. Well, how about that clever George Halas? What a great coach!

See the context here? This tells us a lot about the Jets coach. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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