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Rush’s Morning Update: Again?
December 14, 2010

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Well, according to high-ranking Democrats, this week the House and Senate will vote on extending the Bush tax rates;that follows closed-door sessions last week when Democrats launched F-bombs at Obama and 54 House Democrats signed a letter opposing the Obama compromise.

Congressman Chris Van Hollen (Democrat-Maryland)told Fox that he’s sure there won’t be tax increases come January, but the “choking point” for his members is the estate tax provision –which, he says, will only help “the rich.” (Of course!)

Meanwhile, Dick Turban,the outgoing Senate majority whip,said a “good cross section” of his members will vote for the compromise,but he wouldn’t say if there were enough votes for passage. He did, however, issue a veiled threat to Democrats,reminding them that in three weeks they’ll no longer be in power. “Try to project what the president’s bargaining power will be then,” Senator Turban warned.

On Friday, Bill Clinton made a surprise visit to the White House briefing room with Obamaand took over the press conference — hijacked it. And though there’s been a lot of coverage over Clinton’s appearance, no one mentioned that the last time Clinton showed up to lobby Democrats was the Obamacare vote; he urged them to vote for it to avoid the midterm election losses thathe had suffered during his tenure. TheDemocrats listened,they voted for it,and they got creamed in the midterms.

So,you Democrats… are you absolutely sure you want to listen to this guy, again?

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