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Last month, San Francisco’s board of supervisors banned McDonald’s and other fast-food companies from giving away toys promoting meals that don’t have at least a half-cup of fruits and vegetables, blah, blah, blah. As it turns out, that was just Step 1.

This week, the Center for Science in the Public Interest sued McDonald’s, charging that its promotional toys are deceptive advertising. The suit, filed in California, of course, claims that most Happy Meals contain levels of fat, sodium, and calories that exceed recommended levels for children under eight.

Stephen Gardner, representing the Center, said:”By choosing to thwart parental rights, McDonald’s is engaged in a deliberate and deceptive attack on children” — attack! –“[and] must be held responsible for and change its illegal behavior.”

Josh Golinof the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood chimed in: “When it comes to undermining parental authority by targeting children directly, McDonald’s is the worst of the worst. Their business model is based on getting their kids to pester their parents as often as possible.”

So the legal argument is: kids pester their parents, and parents can’t say no and are too stupid to feed their own kids properly…if a McDonald’s toy is involved!

I really hope McDonald’s will vigorously fight this,and I hope somebody will sue these pantywaist, busybody, anti-capitalist, anti-business liberal twitswho are driving California and the nation to ruin!

Legal revenge may be a side dish best served cold, but it would make for a real Happy Meal, if you ask me.

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