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RUSH: Folks, if you’re just joining us for the first time in a long time and you have not heard, we now have our iPhone app up and running at the app store. Just go to the iTunes app store and search Rush Limbaugh and you’ll find our app. It’s great. It’s version 1.0 and we’re making note of people’s suggestions. The few complaints that we’re getting basically are mindless ones. But there are some things that we have to add to it at some point as we revise the app. But basically it allows to you live stream the program right to your iPod, your iPad, your iPhone. Now, the app is iPhone right now. You can use it on your iPad. You simply click the 2X button and it will fill the screen if you’re watching video. We’re working on an iPad version and an Android version of all this. But we hustled to get this one out, the iPhone version. You have to be a subscriber at Rush 24/7, the app’s free but you have to be a subscriber. You can become a subscriber via the app on your iPad, your iPod, your iPhone, but it’s cool, you get the Morning Update digitally taped video, you get that, live streaming of the program. If you miss the program live, Dittocam version of the program, archives. It’s really a fabulous app. It was the number one downloaded app on the news section of the iTunes app store and it has been received with universal acclaim. I’m very happy. The feedback that we’re getting on this app is as positive as anything we’ve done short of the show itself being on. We’re really proud of it, and as I say, it’s just version one, and there will be upgrades and updates coming.

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