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RUSH: One week from today, I did make a bet, a steak dinner, I owe somebody a steak dinner over my prediction about the Eagles not making the playoffs, and that guy is the producer of The Haney Project starring me, which premieres one week from today on The Golf Channel at 9PM. This is eight 30-minute episodes. We’ve got five and a half in the can. We got two more to do. We’ll wrap it up sometime toward the middle or end of February. And the producer is a guy named Tom Farrell. He’s from Philadelphia and he gives me presents like Phillies caps and stuff with a big gleam in his eye.

‘Hey, Rush, I brought you something.’

‘Yeah, what, Tom?’

‘Here’s a Phillies cap,’ going right into the World Series.

So I made him a bet with this and every time the Eagles win he sends me this reminder that I made this prediction. But the Haney Project starts one week from today at nine o’clock Eastern time. We’ve got, in fact, a couple of promos that the Golf Channel is already running. You can get ’em on our app as part of the video library we have there or at RushLimbaugh.com. I’ve got the rough cuts of the first four episodes in my briefcase sitting right behind me here. And this has been an experience. It really has. This show is eight 30-minute episodes, which is basically 22 1/2 minutes of programming, the rest is commercials and promos and so forth. So 22 and a half minutes and we probably got a hundred hours of video shot, between 80 and a hundred hours. There was one session, episode three, I think. I went to Hank’s ranch down in Dallas. Six hours without a break with one club, seven iron, inside his training facility and outside on his range, six hours.

The Golf Channel’s video crew, unionized, took two breaks. (laughing) I’m out there with one club, six hours, and that was before we got to putting. Putting was another hour. But I mean there’s so much video. The outtakes of this thing, the Golf Channel could make a year long series out of all the video that’s been shot on this. We’ve got video from Hawaii; we got video from Dallas; video from here in Palm Beach; we shot over in the Bahamas. We’re gonna be shooting out in the Left Coast, and perhaps even Mexico before we wrap this up. And it’s been a hoot. And I would love — I can’t give anything away here — but I would love to be able to tell you what’s gonna happen on this show. Of course I would be a fool to do that. I may be giving too much away by even saying that. But it has been far more time intensive than I thought it was gonna be. As far as my golf game is concerned, it’s been worth it. So, in addition to everything else now I’m adding reality star to my resume. (laughing) Anyway, Tom Farrell is the guy I made a bet with on the Eagles.

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