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Okay, so there I am, I’m on vacation, I’m minding my own business, I’m not botheringanybody, miles away from Washington,when bam! News stories start hitting about Obama being called “one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times” on my radio program… in October!Critics sneer that such language is “typical of the demonizing talk radio political culture.”

But, again, the comment was from last October,before Democrats got skunked in the elections; now in January it’s being treated like breaking news.

Darrell Issa, theincoming House Oversight and Government Reform chairman, called into theprogram onOctober 19th to reassure me (and you)that Republicans will take their oversight role seriously. During the call, Issa ticked off various instances of the Obama administration bypassing the lawand the Constitution– something they’ve done since they’ve been in office,with not a shred of concern from Democrats in the House at the time.

By the way, what prompted Issa to call was my concern, based on news reports, that he and other Republicans would compromise with Obama, instead of standing up to him.

What bothers liberals is not what Darrell Issa said on my program. What really worries them is that Issa and other House Republicans will use their newly acquired power to finally investigate Obama, and put a stop to his extra-Constitutional power grabs –that’s why Issa is suddenly under attack, in January, for some October remarks.

As for me, you libs can keep the mindless attacks coming. They haven’t stopped me so far, and I promise youthey never will.

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