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RUSH: This is Philadelphia and Adam. Nice to have you on the program, sir. Hello.
CALLER: Happy New Year, Rush, and I love your show, and I agree with 99% of what you say, and I really hate to agree with Rob ‘Meathead’ Reiner on anything. However, while I give you credit for being seven years ahead of the curve about Donovan McNabb, you were uncharacteristically off four weeks ago when you made a prediction about my Philadelphia Eagles. Can I just refresh you and your audience?

RUSH: Yeah, go right ahead.

CALLER: Okay. Well, you said that the Philadelphia Eagles wouldn’t make the playoffs and you proceeded to go through very specifically with what remained of the schedule. You said, first, in week 14 there would be a loss when the Eagles played the Dallas Cowgirls. Then second, there would be a loss when the Eagles played the New York Giants, which, in memorable fashion, and I know you were watching a lot of sports —

RUSH: Yeah, yeah. Honestly, I did think those two things were gonna happen, and I was almost right in New York, the last eight minutes.

CALLER: I’m not done yet. I’m not done yet. Third, in week 15, you said the Birds would win versus the Minnesota Vikqueens. And by the way, that Eagle’s loss did only occur after Michael Vick received an endorsement from Barack Hussein Obama. Fourth, you said there would be a win versus the Cowgirls. So between those games and the overall playoff predictions, we’ll say you were 0-for-4 1/2 ’cause the Eagles rested their starters again in the last week against Dallas having already clinched. So, what do you have to say?

RUSH: Blew it! I blew it. Actually, as I looked at the schedule and I looked at the way teams were playing at the time plus I always make — and you should know this if you listen regularly — I do not buy media conventional wisdom. I go the other way. Media conventional wisdom is not reality, and the media conventional wisdom is the Eagles were unbeatable, and I was right up until game time and then they played the game and I ended up somehow being wrong, but the only time I was wrong was when they played the game. But, yeah, right about McNabb. Isn’t it interesting, too, that in all of these McNabb stories you do not find my name now. (laughing) Not one of them. I mean for seven years every McNabb story about how McNabb was getting the shaft, how he was being disrespected, Limbaugh’s name. Now you won’t find my name in a single Donovan McNabb story. At any rate, yeah, I did make those predictions about the Eagles because that’s what I thought at the time based on how everybody was playing. But we’ll see. Now we’ve got Eagles — I’m telling you what, losing to Vikings and having to, you know, miss the bye week and so forth, my prediction may end up coming true, albeit a month late.


RUSH: Folks, look, it’s a strategy. I have to be wrong about some things otherwise people are gonna think I’m a witch, so I choose to be wrong about insignificant things like the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s a strategy, to make me look human.

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