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RUSH: We’ve got the Democrats and the Republicans reading the Constitution on the floor of the House. Grab audio sound bite number three. This is the son of the Reverend Jackson, Jesse Jackson Jr. regarding the fetishists reading the Constitution.

JACKSON JR.: This is very emotional for I know a number members given the struggle, given the struggle of African-Americans, given the struggle of women, given the struggle of others to create a more perfect document, while not perfect a more perfect document to hear that those elements of the Constitution that have been dedacted (sic) by amendment are no less serious to improve the country and to make the country better and our sense in our struggle in whom we are at the Congress of the United States at this point in American history and our desire to continue to improve the Constitution, many of us don’t want that to be lost upon the reading of our sacred document.

RUSH: Right. So he wants the unamended version to highlight the original sin of slavery, which it did not, by the way. He does not want the amended version which got rid of it read. Reverend Jackson’s son down for the struggle, making it sound as though it might be too emotionally difficult for members of the Congressional Black Caucus to actually sit there and listen to the Constitution because of how emotional the struggle for African-Americans and women and so forth has been.


RUSH: Thinking about the Democrats, I was watching a little bit of the Constitution being read today on the floor of the House and I said, ‘This has gotta be like waterboarding to these Democrats.’ It has to be torture, because the Constitution is anathema to them, the Constitution limits the power of the government, limits the size, limits the role of government, and to have to not only sit there and listen to it, but to share in the punishment of reading it. I’m sure that’s how they’re looking at this. They wouldn’t have to do this if they’d won the election. They lost, so they’re being punished. They have to read the Constitution, tantamount to waterboarding.


RUSH: By the way, for the son of the Reverend Jackson, Jesse Jackson Jr., this is important. I wonder how many people today realize that it was the slave states in the days of our founding who wanted to count slaves for representation and distribution of taxes. It was the abolitionists — in other words, the Democrats of the day — during the founding who didn’t want slaves counted at all for representation. The three-fifths of a person calculation was a grudging compromise from both sides, and isn’t ‘compromise’ always supposed to be wonderful? After all, women were being counted back then — and, like slaves, they couldn’t vote either. So it was the slave states that wanted to count the slaves as citizens, human beings. And it was the white abolitionists of the day, Democrats of the day, who didn’t. So compromise gave us the three-fifths notion.


RUSH: During the reading (laughing) of the Constitution, when they got to the part of the Constitution about presidential qualifications, and the president needing to be a citizen, needing to be born in the United States, a protester somehow who had found his or her way (her way, I guess) into the gallery, said, ‘Except Obama! What about Obama?’ and they escorted her out. Now, who was it while I was gone? Somebody… Oh, it was Neil Abercrombie, the governor of Hawaii. He said he was there when that child was born — he was in the manger, Abercrombie was — and he wants Obama to release the birth certificate just to end all this. He doesn’t know why Obama won’t. Neil Abercrombie, the former member of Congress, now the governor of the state of Hawaii.


RUSH: Here’s audio of the protester in the House as they are reading the Constitution, and they get to the portion on qualifications to be president.

REP. FRANK PALLONE (D-NJ): No person except a natural born citizen or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this Constitution shall be eligible to be the office of president. Neither shall —

BIRTHER: Except Obama! Except Obama!

MIKE SIMPSON (R-ID): (banging gavel)

RUSH: (laughing)

SIMPSON: The chair would remind persons in the Gallery… The chair would remind all persons in the Gallery that they’re here as guests of the House and that any manifestation of approval or disapproval of the proceedings is a violation of the rules of the House.

RUSH: Yeah.

SIMPSON: The chair notes a disturbance of the Gallery in contravention of the law and rules of the House. The Sergeant-at-Arms will remove those persons responsible for the disturbance and restore order in the Gallery.

RUSH: It sounds like the old Code Pink days when they got into these various Senate committee hearings on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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