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When the U.S. Senate was created and real men, adults, ran the placeevery Senator had the right to speak for as long as he wanted to prevent a bill from coming to a vote. Senators used the filibuster not only as a delaying tactic, but to ensure that even the minority party had a degree of power.

In 1975, Democrats made a modification: with 60 votes, senators could close down a filibuster. It was designed to limit Republican power. Now, 36 years later, Democrats are vexed that Republicans, in the minority, have used the filibuster to slow Obama’s agenda. As a new session of Congress begins, they’re again attempting to rewrite the rules to deny Republican senators the right to talk.

Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harry has tried to shut Republicans out by denying them the right to offer amendments or even fully debate legislation that Democrats ram down our throats. That isn’t enough. Now they argue the filibuster is a ’19th century rule’ which has no place in the 21st century.
At least they’re consistent. Democrats view the Constitution itself as a historical relic that should be ignored whenever inconvenient.

The only difference between today’s Democrats and Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao, or Castro is the vocal opposition that cherishes the ‘relic.’ And it stands between them and their ability to rule the country as they desire with an iron fist.

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