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RUSH: There’s another narrative, if you will, that has taken over the Drive-By Media, and it is about all of these White House staff changes. You have Bill Daley coming in to replace… What’s his name? Hell. Chief of staff. (interruption) Oh, yeah, that’s right. Emanuel. Then you have some new spokesman coming in to replace Gibbs. Gene Sperling is coming in for the Council of Economic Advisors. The New York Times and everybody’s excited: All these Clintonistas are coming in! Obama has wised up; he’s bringing the Clintonistas back. These are the guys that know what they’re doing. These are the triangulators! These are the guys that know how to make everything appear like it’s a bunch of centrists while the real libs keep on wrecking the economy behind everybody’s back.

The New York Times has a piece here trying to assure the fringe kook base everything’s fine, despite all these crony capitalists showing back up here: ‘A Shift in Tactics, Not in Ideology — Most of the talk in Democratic circles on Thursday, after it became known that President Obama had chosen William M. Daley as his chief of staff, was of going back to the 1990s. The consensus was that Mr. Obama, who once held himself out as the clear alternative to the political expedience of the Clinton years, had, in the end, chosen the path of Clintonian centrism over a return to more boldly progressive ideals. If the conventional wisdom was right, though, then it was only half right, and it missed the larger significance…’

This is the Times trying to maintain calm out there: ‘[I]t missed the larger significance of Mr. Obama’s decision. The president is, in fact, reaching back to the Clinton era, but,’ but, but, but, don’t worry!

‘[T]hat shift has less to do with ideology than with a theory of presidential power and how to use it.’ So it’s funny, Daley… In fact, I was watching Howard Dean the other day and Howard Dean was saying (paraphrased), ‘Well, I like Bill Daley. He’s not a liberal, not by my measure of things. He’s a very, very, very… I mean, he’s a conservative guy, compared to most liberals, Bill Daley, but I like Bill Daley! I like Bill Daley because he’s up front with you. I like Bill Daley ’cause he’s honest with you.’ Well, hey, Howard? I’m up front and honest with you and you hate me, and I’m a conservative. What we have here, folks… And the Republicans, you know, this is the kind of media template that everybody in DC, if they’re not on guard for, can fall for.

The Times is trying to set the stage here for their leftist readers that yeah, you have a bunch of crony capitalists. I mean, really all these people coming in are through the resolving door through Wall Street. These are all guys that have coming in and out of bailed-out, Obama bailed-out financial institutions: Goldman Sachs via AIG, JPMorgan Chase. All these other Wall Street banks that got bailed out, that’s the revolving door that all these Obama administration people are coming in to fill and leaving and going back to the banks. The Heritage Foundation today in their Morning Bell Opening Bell column, their blog, has a great analysis of what this actually is, and that’s crony capitalism, and the purpose of this is to create for everybody else a public impression of moderation.

The socialist Marxist Obama is finally realizing that he can’t get where he wants to go that way. He had to triangulate. He has to go to the center. Remember, I want to take you back to last fall. I’ve told you this a couple times. I got a phone call from the ranking Republican (I have not yet identified the ranking Republican) who disagreed with me. I tried to warn the ranking Republican that Obama’s gonna double down on leftism, liberalism. He’s gonna use executive orders. The ranking Republican disagreed. ‘No, no, no. He’ll have to, if he wants to get reelected, moderate. He’ll have to move in our direction because of the election results. He’ll have to move to the center,’ and, lo and behold, on the surface does it not appear that’s what he’s doing?

Because nobody’s calling Daley a leftist. In fact, what’s the story about Daley? The story about Daley is how the left hates him. Well, how more perfect could you go to? Sperling? Bespectacled Gene Sperling? You wouldn’t put this guy in a lineup with Saul Alinsky or Marx? He would belong in one but you wouldn’t put him there. And now they’re even talking about how the number one aide, Valerie Jarrett, she’s skating on thin ice; she may be gone soon. It’s all for the purpose of appearance that the regime is moderating, and this is what I hope the Republicans don’t fall for: The appearance. And they might. Everybody wants this. In the media, everybody wants this notion of everybody ‘moving to the center.’

That’s like Christmas morning to them.

So here the regime is making it look like that. So the New York Times is who you need to listen to on this, the New York Times. Because they know who their readers are, and they don’t want their readers to trundle down to the headquarters in a snowstorm and throwing firebombs at the paper. So good old Matt Bai here: ‘A Shift in Tactics, Not in Ideology.’ This is gonna make the easier for Obama to better use his liberal power, Bai says, and he may have a point. ‘Cause while everybody else is marveling and excited over Obama’s move to the ‘center’ and you got these adults (by comparison, anyway) Daley and Sperling in there, Obama is free to go 150% Alinsky and the rest of his regime along with the Democrats in Congress moving in that direction while nobody’s looking at it that way; nobody sees it that way.

Then somebody like me comes along and says, ‘Ah, these guys, they haven’t moderated. They’re just pedal-to-the-metal libs, far left,’ they say, ‘There goes Limbaugh! He just can’t give it up. You know, he doesn’t even care about the truth. Why, you can’t have more moderate, even conservative guys. Everybody says Bill Daley’s a conservative. Howard Dean said it!’ So you see how it’s being set up, because it’s what everybody wants. But this is one time I would tell you the New York Times has the truth: ‘A Shift in Tactics, Not in Ideology.’ This story even says that Rahm Emanuel, he wasn’t a big enough lib; and Larry Summers, he wasn’t a big enough lib. Now, Summers, yeah. Emanuel? I don’t know who they’re trying to kid, but he’s also a Clintonista.

So the Clintonistas are back. That’s the big story of the day.

Remember, now, I don’t care what’s happened since. For the media, the Democrat adults, the establishment, the Clinton years were their nirvana; and if Obama had not been African-American, he would have never have been elected. It would have been Hillary, and if that had happened we’d still have the love affair with the Clintons going on. It’s just the injection of race into the Democrat primary and overall presidential contest did what the insertion of race does into most subjects: It totally distorts it. It forced people to — well, it exposed people in ways that issues without race being inserted do not. I mean, no way during that campaign was Clinton ever gonna get away with being called ‘the first black president.’ They were throwing the race card against Bill Clinton, you see. So anyway all the Clintonistas are coming back. Bill Daley from Chicago, that’s even better. Gene Sperling, all these adults.

‘Yeah, yeah, yeah! Now we’re getting back to where the Democrat Party wins big!’


RUSH: By the way, here’s a brief little media montage just to show you the media salivating over the return of the Clintonistas and what it means, a return to the occupation of the precious center.

BLITZER: Are we seeing the Clintonization of the White House?

HENRY: A tilt back to Clinton veterans.

KUDLOW: New cast of Clinton people.

SCARBOROUGH: This is Clinton three.

MCALINDEN: Clinton three.

DEAN: Recycling of a Clinton person.

CRAMER: He is a Clinton Democrat.

KING: Clintonization, it’s a good word on this day.

RUSH: Yes. They’re so excited. Don’t fall for it. Well, look, you won’t. Clinton-Obama means the same thing to us. They’re just all leftists, and they all have the same agenda. This is all for show. Just like the New York Times says, it’s just a shift in tactics, it’s all meant for visual consumption. The optics, if you will.

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