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RUSH: Do not kid yourself. What this is all about is shutting down conservative media. That’s what this is all about. Shutting down any and all political opposition. That’s what the objective of the left and the Democrats is: Criminalizing policy differences, at least when they differ from the Democrat agenda.

One of the more disturbing things about this incident is that someday the left will finally get their wish. Somebody who really can be identified as a conservative is gonna commit some terrible atrocity. It already happens. The leftists already do it and nobody cares. Lee Harvey Oswald was a leftist. Timothy McVeigh. You know, Clinton talks on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about talk radio, ‘the angry voices on the radio,’ and that led to the Oklahoma City bombing. That’s not at all what led to the Oklahoma City bombing. McVeigh has said what led to the Oklahoma City bombing, and that was the Waco invasion. McVeigh claimed the bombing was revenge for what the US government did at Waco and at Ruby Ridge.

McVeigh visited Waco during the standoff. He spoke to a news reporter about his anger over what was happening there. So the perp himself said why he did it. So how come Clinton, nor Janet Reno got any blame for McVeigh’s actions? He himself said that their actions motivated him. Janet Reno led the Waco invasion of the Branch Davidian compound, burned it to the ground. Kids died. It was a government-led effort to protect the children, and Ruby Ridge. McVeigh was ticked off at both of them. He said so. Yet somehow to this day, to this day Oklahoma City, as far as the media is concerned, was the result of angry voices on the right — and now this. So what’s going to happen?

Every large group of people contains some mentally unstable members. Folks, as I mentioned in the first hour of the program, we had two different artists, a moviemaker and an author do a movie and books on assassinating George W. Bush. There was no condemnation. There was only a request that we not overreact, that we be restrained. It’s art. We should try to understand the rage that drove these people, ’cause they were artists. So the left already has their guilty. Lee Harvey Oswald came back from Moscow, a communist, blows away JFK. Sirhan Sirhan, Robert Kennedy, leftists. James Earl Ray, if anything, a leftist, assassin of Martin Luther King. It’s not right-wingers doing any of this.

But even after JFK they tried to say that the ‘unstable conservatives of Dallas’ got together and assassinated the president. It was no such thing. It was a communist-trained, former Marine sharpshooter, Lee Harvey Oswald. Every large group contains some mentally unstable members. So statistically it’s inevitable that somebody identifiably is gonna commit some atrocity. Now, when that happens, all the government machinery will be in place to take away as many political freedoms as the left can manage. That’s the objective. And every time there is an event like this, they give it a trial run.

They trot out the narratives and the templates, and they say it was Sarah Palin, whoever. Two years ago would they have said this with Sarah Palin? No. Whoever they think is the biggest threat at the moment is who’s responsible for this. Sarah Palin? When I heard over the weekend Sarah Palin, I almost started laughing. How utterly irresponsible and predictable! Sarah Palin? Responsible for murder? They say Sarah Palin’s too stupid to put two sentences together. Now all of a sudden Sarah Palin has all this ability at mind control. Sarah Palin? Talk radio? People ought to be dropping like flies if that’s the case. I’m into my 23rd year here, folks. People ought to be dropping like flies, but they’re not.

These are isolated incidents, and in practically every one of them we’re dealing with somebody who’s insane or deranged or a schizophrenic or something’s wrong with them — dramatically, terribly wrong with them. And I also am always amused at how it’s never socioeconomic causes or other influential items that cause behavior except when conservatives do it. So believe me, I wouldn’t be surprised, folks, if somebody in the Obama regime or some FCC bureaucrat or some Democrat congressperson has already written up legislation to stifle and eliminate conservative speech, and that legislation is sitting in a desk drawer somewhere just waiting for the right event to clamp down because that’s what all this is and every time event like this happens they get into a trial run in hopes that this is the one that they can succeed in shutting us all down.

They can’t beat us. We still have the Constitution. They can’t beat us, and so they’re going to do what they can to shut us down — and even if they don’t have popular public support for it they will still try it. That’s what this is all about.


RUSH: Philadelphia, this is John. It’s great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. The American media hasn’t changed in the last 47 years.

RUSH: No, they have not.

CALLER: I remember when I was on a flight from Chicago to Philadelphia in the afternoon Kennedy was shot. The pilot told us of the tragedy, also mentioned that Mr. Connally still survived and that was it. By the time we arrived in Philadelphia, that’s all we knew. So I immediately went to the car where I parked the car, turned on the radio to find out what else was going on, and they of course were telling various things, but then they said it was believed it was shot by ‘a right-wing sympathizer.’ That was back in 1963, and they haven’t changed since.

RUSH: Yeah, and the theory back in 1963 was Kennedy was in trouble, and according to reelect polls back in ’63 he was losing. He was going to lose reelection, and one of the problems was a Republican conservative insurgency in Texas and elsewhere.


RUSH: ‘So you just figured the Democrat president’s assassin just had to be one of these wacko right-wingers that was against him. Who needs evidence? The right wing obviously did this,’ and then we later learn it was Lee Harvey Oswald, a communist agent.

CALLER: Rush, I don’t mean to impugn Mrs. Kennedy, but when she found out that she was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald, she says, ‘To think,’ and these were her words, ‘He was shot by a silly little communist.’

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: That was the thinking in those days.

RUSH: Yeah, silly little communist. Well, her husband didn’t think of them as silly.

CALLER: No way.

RUSH: I don’t know what she did, but her husband took ’em seriously, so seriously he was shot by one. So, yeah, you’re right. They haven’t changed. They are who they are, and they don’t report news; they shape it into what they want you to think was the news. The scary thing is they used to have the power to get away with this. The scary thing is, for quite a while, they could. It took a while for this right-wing nutcase theory in Dallas to be disabused for the truth of Oswald to come out and who he was. Anyway, John, I appreciate the call. Thanks much.


RUSH: Last but not least, ‘Fmr. Sen. Kerrey: Shooter Was Angry About Health Care Bill’ I mean, this is right out of the page of Mayor Bloomberg. This is what Bob Kerrey said: ‘Tomorrow they were going to vote to repeal this health care bill — and it’s not going to go anywhere in the Senate — it’s one of the reasons that this guy was angry…’ It laughable, folks. It is utterly laughable. In one of his last MySpace posts the shooter blamed the economy right before going out to kill people. And here’s a question. If the murderer, if the shooter…? Just ask yourself this. If the shooter had been a 22-year-old named Mohammed, (laughing) would we be hearing that Muslim talk radio and the Muslim Internet is to blame for it? Would we? No, we we’d-a been told that we can’t blame Muslims for the action of one kook.

This is what we are always told. ‘You can’t blame Islam for the actions of one kook, Limbaugh! What are you doing?’ I never have anyway. ‘We can’t do that!’ (sigh) It’s all just surreal. These people are making abject fools of themselves, in open public now.


RUSH: Finally, folks, I want you to notice the constant effort to demonize conservatism when in fact conservatism is the very foundation of America. Lower taxes, limited government, personal responsibility. That’s about as old-fashioned and traditional as you can get. The media, the hardcore left are trying their best to convince us that the very values that built this country, that go all the way back to the framers and the American Revolution, are radical; when in fact our beliefs and principles are the oldest, most central core values of this country. ‘Radical conservative’ is an oxymoron. It’s simply an impossibility. That’s why they fear what we are and what we say and why they are trying to shut us up, and they will not stop.

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