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RUSH: This No Labels business now. I’m not making this up. The Washington Post: ‘As the debate over civility in politics continues in the wake of the shooting in Tucson, groups founded to push bipartisanship see an opening: Could this be a moment for the political middle? Routinely ignored amid heated discussions over immigration and health care, moderate groups on the right and left are hoping their message of comity can finally take hold. ‘It’s a real tragedy, but it’s also a real opportunity,’ said Mark McKinnon, co-founder of No Labels, a nonpartisan group founded last month.’

Now, McKinnon, they claim is a Republican only because he worked on Bush 43 campaigns, but he’s a Democrat other than that, but as I said earlier, we don’t look for opportunity here in tragedy. This is not what we do. And certainly somebody nonpartisan wouldn’t. Remember, now, this No Labels group is not nonpartisan. They’re Democrats. They are liberals looking for clients. They want to be the people that can tell elected officials how to get elected by securing the middle, the 20% moderates, independents, or what have you. They claim to be experts on those people who are not ideologically aligned. Says here the Republican consultant sees potential to change the hyperpartisan political environment which he has described as MoveOn.org on the left or the Tea Party on the right. The Tea Party and MoveOn.org the same. Here’s the bottom line. This guy, the shooter, is a No Labels guy, he’s an — he’s a registered Independent. Registered Independent. This mass murderer a registered Independent, he was part of the No Labels group. Atheist, no party affiliation, read Marx, liked flag burning, what a conservative this guy is, huh? Loughner made to order for No Labelers. And he’s a murderer. These people have no clue what they’re saying.

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