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RUSH: ‘At a news conference this morning, mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel fielded questions on the Arizona shooting… When asked about a comment attributed to him some years ago about ‘never let a good crisis go to waste,” it says here from NBC News in Chicago that ‘Emanuel was taken aback. ‘That’s not intended for this moment, it doesn’t apply to this moment,’ he said.’ This is not a crisis that should not be wasted. This is something he doesn’t want to be linked to in any way.


RUSH: Rahm Emanuel this morning in Chicago responding to a question about the shooting and his old statement, never let a good crisis go to waste.

EMANUEL: What I said was, ‘Never allow a good crisis to go to waste’ when it’s an opportunity to do things you had considered or didn’t think was possible. That’s not (pause) intended for this moment.

RUSH: So this is not a good crisis. Democrats need to let this one go to waste. By the way, Hillary Clinton as already pronounced Loughner to be an ‘extremist.’ She did this somewhere on foreign soil. She came close to calling him a terrorist, but she didn’t want to go that far.

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