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RUSH: Our previous caller, when I asked if she had seen the Wellstone Memorial, said, ‘Oh, yeah, I remember Bill Clinton and the tears when the camera turned to him.’ That was the Ron Brown Memorial. Now, the Ron Brown Memorial, this was a moment. NBC caught this on videotape, and over at our TV show, our astute and observant producers caught the one feed. After we made their feed more public than they did, they pulled it. They stopped using it. Here’s what it was. Ron Brown had been killed in a plane crash in Bosnia, and he was Clinton’s commerce secretary. They were all walking into the church where they were doing the memorial. They weren’t walking into a gymnasium on some campus.

And Clinton was walking to a Pennsylvania minister by the name of Tony Campolo and they were telling each other jokes, and they’re walking along the sidewalk, and Clinton happened to notice the camera, and within a half step starts faking crying and wiping his eye with a finger. Meanwhile, Campolo not aware, keeps yukking it up and keeps laughing. It is the most vivid illustration of the phoniness of Bill Clinton that there ever has been. It was so popular, I could have aired it in a loop for 22 minutes straight on the TV show and the audience still would have wanted more. It was great. We have this clip in the archives at RushLimbaugh.com.

Koko, I want you to pull it out. I want you to make it a special link. I want you to put it as a link highlighted on the app for the iPhone and the iPad so that iPhone and iPad, we got our own app. Search ‘Rush Limbaugh’ at the iTunes App Store and you’ll find our app. You have to be a website subscriber, and if you are then you can get all the content: Live streaming of the Dittocam of this program each and every day, archived Dittocam presentations of previous programs, video of each day’s Morning Update, transcripts. There’s a tremendous amount of content. There are a couple of promos running for The Haney Project. I don’t have the numbers, but I got a note today: Record ratings for the Golf Channel and The Haney Project on Tuesday night at nine o’clock. I didn’t get any further details, but apparently it was big.

It’s one of these times, I’d love to be able to show you the video right now of Clinton. Folks, it’s just… (laughing) It’s classic. I mean, within a half a step he goes from out of controlled laughter and yucks to a pained face, shedding a tear, wiping his left eye, I believe it is, with index finger — while Campolo continues to tell the joke and laugh and yuk it up. Our TV audience, our live studio audience, just… (laughing) I mean, they started laughing uncontrollably at it. So that was the Ron Brown Memorial.

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