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RUSH: So there’s Obama being praised to the heavens, Obama being exalted and held up as only Obama can be, The Messiah, the one, being praised for this wonderful healing speech last night by the same people who are exhibiting and announcing and proclaiming a vicious hate against Sarah Palin, who gave a perfectly fine speech that morning. In fact, they’re even trying to say that Palin tried to mislead her viewers at Facebook because she was using a teleprompter and didn’t tell anybody. I kid you not. And then of course there’s this blood libel business. Now, to show you blood libel, Glenn Reynolds is a law professor at the University of Tennessee, and Glenn Reynolds is a longtime blogger, and he had a piece Monday in the Wall Street Journal, and in the headline of his piece on the op-ed page was the term ‘blood libel.’ Not a peep. No one said a word.

There wasn’t one level of outburst. There wasn’t one instance of anybody disagreeing or saying that Glenn Reynolds was anti-Semitic or how reprehensible the use of that term, he doesn’t understand what he’s talking about, what an idiot. Palin uses it in her eight minute Facebook video and all hell breaks loose. So the very people that the president is asking to tone it down here, although not by name, just cannot stop. The unbridled hatred for Sarah Palin goes on, unchecked, uncommented upon.


RUSH: Here’s an affirmation, folks, of my point earlier. Dan Balz in the Washington Post. ‘As Obama Urged Unity, Palin Brought Division.’ Now, if anybody has read the transcript or watched Sarah Palin’s video speech, there’s no ‘division’ whatsoever. It’s an attempt to do the same thing Obama was attempting — unity, perspective, honesty — and yet there the Drive-Bys out there: ‘As Obama Urged Unity, Palin Brought Division.’ They just can’t help it.


RUSH: According to ABC News, the death threats against Sarah Palin have reached an unprecedented level. I have the story in the stack. In San Francisco today I guess we can say the president’s words are being ignored because there are insulting posters of Sarah Palin on a street which encourage violence against her. The president’s admonition for us to be nicer to each other is not working. And ABC News: ‘Death Threats Against Palin Have Reached ‘Unprecedented Level.” Should Obama have specifically mentioned how wrong that is? Should he? I mean this is not some vague academic hypothesis. This is actually happening and Obama is ignoring it. Now, Obama has no problem warning against the backlash against Muslim terrorists, and during the Fort Hood scenario, after it was discovered that Major Hasan had been getting inspiration from a militant Islamist, a guy named al-Awlaki, not only Obama, but some high-ranking general said, ‘My main priority is to make sure there’s not a backlash against Muslims in the US Army.’ Okay. All right, cool. If that’s your gig, fine.

What about the backlash against Obama? Even ABC is calling it a backlash against Obama. Dan Balz, Washington Post: ‘As Obama Urged Unity, Palin Brought Division.’ Mr. Balz, why do you feel it necessary to stir things up? Why is it that you want to continue to paint a bull’s-eye on Sarah Palin, Mr. Balz? Here’s the Drive-By Media doing it. So in this speech last night, basically Obama’s saying what Chris Matthews and the others have been saying, that there’s no causal relationship between this crime and public debate. However, public debate, meaning conservative passion and arguments, needs to change. Don’t doubt me on this. Can anybody name a single Republican — I’m serious — can anybody name a single Republican who has said that this murder should be used to smear liberals or Democrats or to advance some political agenda? We have off-the-record types saying it to Politico and others. But can anybody name a single Republican? Is there any outpost of conservatism or in the Republican Party where a strategy is ongoing behind closed doors about how we can use this to demonize liberals? Or are we minding our own business and simply reacting to yet another spate of assaults on our character and dignity while we were minding our own business doing nothing?

The president talks about challenging old assumptions. That’s something he argues for when it comes to his agenda. Challenge old assumptions. That means the way this country’s been in the past, no more. Barack Obama. I put the ‘me’ in memorial. It starts out you spell memorial m-e. I, Barack Obama, I put the ‘me’ in memorial. Now, nobody’s gonna remember any particular phrase or sentence from this speech. And I think some of the praise for this speech is forced. I actually do. Particularly among some of the conservatives who are doing cartwheels over this. There are things going on beneath the surface, people want to position themselves or to be viewed a certain way or whatever. But that whole night last night was surreal to me in a whole lot of ways with much of it spent with my mouth in various stages, phases of open, in disbelief.

Now, as you know, people from the beginning of time have tried to figure out why liberals are liberals. I, on this program, have announced various theories and reasons. Everybody has. It’s Mars-Venus. I mean seriously, the left is mad that Sarah Palin is inserting herself into this. Now, Sarah Palin, I don’t know, maybe killing and dressing a moose on Saturday afternoon, incident happens, 30 minutes later she’s responsible for it. So three days later she does a video on Facebook, and they accuse her of inserting herself and trying to take over the story, to put herself in front of it. They dragged her into it. And Dan Balz: ‘As Obama Urged Unity, Palin Brought Division.’ Division? So here’s more of the Drive-By Media pointing a finger of blame and suspicion at Palin.

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