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RUSH: Guess what the media is with a buzz with right now? Apparently there was a Rush Limbaugh billboard in Tucson. I’ll tell you a little story. I didn’t know about it. I had no idea about this billboard ’til somebody sent me a picture of it yesterday. (interutpion) Yeah, the ‘straight shooter’ billboard: ‘Rush Limbaugh, straight shooter,’ and it was filled with bullet holes. The billboard was filled with bullet holes and it had a the call letters KNST, talk radio, whatever it was. When I saw the picture and somebody said, ‘Rush, look at this! Rush, look! What do you think of this?’ I thought (honest to God because of previous billboards) whoever put the billboard up wanted to make it look like people that didn’t like me were shooting at the billboard.

‘Cause that’s what it looks like: Somebody had been shooting at the billboard, meaning angry liberals shooting at the billboard. It calls me a ‘straight shooter.’ Now, the reason I thought this — and Clear Channel put the billboard up. They’ve taken it down, and I didn’t know anything about it. (laughing) When I was in Sacramento, one of the best billboard campaigns we had (and of course I was considered to be controversial there) was a billboard all around town, but it was the same billboard, and it was white with the text: ‘Rush Limbaugh is a wonderful human being,’ and a couple weeks later the billboard went up with tomatoes and other vegetables having been thrown at the billboard, as though people were defacing it.

Then two weeks later, more defacing of the billboard to make it look like people were trying to rip it down. Then the next billboard after that… We did put these up. The next billboard was a hand on a car radio dial (back when car radios had push buttons) and the hand was pushing a button for KFBK AM 1530, and the billboard said, ‘Wouldn’t you just love to punch Rush Limbaugh?’ I mean, I have agreed to billboards being put up promoting violence against me! I didn’t think anything of it. It was funny. ‘Wouldn’t you just love to punch…?’ It was a creative billboard! ‘Wouldn’t you just love to punch Rush Limbaugh?’ Punch the station.

So when I saw a picture of this billboard out in Tucson (laughing) I thought some creative guy had put a billboard up and then put bullet holes in it as though others, liberals, were shooting the billboard. That’s what it looks like. (interruption) What are you laughing at in there, Snerdley? What, you can’t believe I’m talking…? (interruption) No, there were pictures of bullet holes. It was made to look… (interruption) They’re not real bullet holes, Dawn. No, because they’d needed like a 48-inch gun to make these holes. These were (laughing)… No, it was just made to look like it. They were painted on. It looked like the billboard had been shot.


RUSH: The story about the Tucson billboard. My first thought was that some creative billboard writer in Tucson had put that thing up. ‘Rush Limbaugh, straight shooter,’ and that the idea was that angry Democrats in Tucson were firing along bullets at the thing. You look at the picture of the billboard, it’s what it looks like. It doesn’t look like I’m shooting anything. I’m not even pictured! It’s a billboard with my name on it with bullet holes in it. What’s anybody gonna conclude? Anyway, they’ve taken down. If you haven’t seen it, you haven’t seen it. You’ve missed it.

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