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RUSH: You know, now would be a time for President Obama to give a speech on inflation so he can stop that dead in its tracks. We already had the president go out to Tucson and stop dead in its tracks the actions of insane lunatics. We had the president give hundreds of speeches on health care and the American people still don’t want it. So don’t be surprised that, absent a speech by Obama on the subject, inflation will be one of the top stories by the yearend, but if the president can ask the country to stop inflation… I was gonna say ‘whip,’ but that is a dangerous word. ‘Whip’ is an angry word. It has historical notations that we don’t want to dredge up. So if he can beat… Well, that’s problematic now, and ‘dead in his tracks’? I said that.

See, I’m trying to be civil here as requested by the left. Anyway, if the president could ask the country to stop inflation, to Stop Inflation Now… SIN, S-I-N, Stop Inflation Now. Yeah, Gerald Ford was ‘whip inflation.’ He even had buttons: ‘Whip Inflation Now,’ WIN buttons. Now if we have SIN buttons, then we don’t have to worry… (interruption) No, they didn’t work. They didn’t work, but Obama has unique powers, oratorical skills — ‘a gift,’ as he said to Harry Reid — and, folks, in the UK… Oil is at $90 around the world now and Mohammad Ali Khatibi said by phone from Tehran it’s not a big deal. It’s ‘not an extraordinary situation.’

‘Kuwait’s oil minister said he considered oil at $80 to $100 a barrel to be a ‘fair price’ and did not expect OPEC to increase output…’ All the front pages of the papers in the UK all this week have been about the rising, near-record gasoline prices. The American State-Controlled Media is suppressing the story. Their marching orders are to continue to focus on Sarah Palin, and so the State-Controlled Media in this country with marching orders from the White House is focusing on Palin, ‘civility,’ the dangers of the right wing, and the brilliance of Obama’s speech in dealing with the right wing. In the meantime, nobody wants the health care bill. Seventy-five percent want it repealed; the Republicans start dealing with that next week.

Gasoline prices are rising. Reuters story: ‘Rising gasoline prices beat down U.S. consumer sentiment in early January, overshadowing an improved job outlook and passage of temporary federal tax breaks, a survey released on Friday showed. A year-end surge in gasoline prices ratcheted up consumer inflation expectations to their highest in more than two years, according to the latest data from Thomson Reuters and the University of Michigan.’ So things the American people come in contact with every day, things that matter to them, the sentiment is not good. Gasoline prices, food prices are on the rise. The cost of living is going up. That means inflation. Health care is coming with all the tax increases.

The American people simply are not focused on that which the media and the White House wants them focused, and that’s Tucson and Sarah Palin. Now energy and food costs do not count in the federal core inflation statistics. In case you’re wondering how inflation reports don’t show much inflation, energy and food costs are not considered. They’re never have been because they fluctuate too much, but it’s awfully handy to not have to count those things. Now, the price of oil has about doubled in five years — and again it’s the big story in the UK. There are riots in places of the world over gasoline prices. The American media is protecting this story; the American media is covering it not at all.

Remember, the instructions from the White House are you keep focusing on Palin, you keep telling the American people what a dangerous, unqualified boob Sarah Palin is. David Cameron, prime minister of the UK, is set to act over soaring petrol prices. The London media is pushing him, but silence in the USA. From Express.co.uk: ‘Petrol Prices may Kill the Economy and the Coalition.’ They are severely worried about the economy blowing up because of rising energy prices in the UK, the same prices that are going up here. You’re just not having it reported. Lots of urgency in the UK. But here it’s all Palin bashing, on orders from the White House news center. ‘UK, fuel prices yesterday nudging their record highs of July 2008,’ and Obama wants us talking about the strange harmony BS!

Just can’t we all get along here?

So it’s time for a speech here! Here. This is a DC gossip blog: ‘Washington insiders are wondering if the next real economic crisis facing President Obama is when gasoline prices spike to $4 or $5 per gallon. At today’s press briefing, a White House press spokesman rebuffed queries about the possibility saying ‘ there are many people that would get upset at me if I started to opine on oil and gas prices, so I won’t,” and besides, we have our orders from the White House news center to focus on Sarah Palin and whether or not the president can make sure the American people are once again ‘civil’ to each other. We’re gonna focus on that and we’re gonna focus on Palin.

We’re not gonna talk about oil prices. We’re not gonna talk about anything to damage the economy because we’ve sent out word from our news center that there is a robust recovery going on, and we can’t feature any news in the American media that would contradict that.


RUSH: Lisa in Prairie Home, Missouri. Nice to have you up first today on the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Very good, thank you.

CALLER: Hey, I want to give you a happy belated birthday, and I want to tell you I’m sleeping wonderful on my Sleep Number Bed that you gave me.

RUSH: Hubba hubba.

CALLER: Yeah. Anyway, I have a comment to make. I’m disappointed also in Charles, about his comments that he made about Sarah Palin, about the shooting. Sarah Palin can’t win no matter what. Just to give a flip side of it, what if she would have came out immediately in response to it, and then they did find a book of Sarah Palin’s at his house? Then they would have creamed her all over again. She just can’t win. You see what I’m saying?

RUSH: That’s the point. It is clear to me, ladies and gentlemen, that the White House considers her their number one threat. That’s all this means. They don’t think anybody else in the Republican hierarchy right now is the number one threat. It’s no accident and it’s not a coincidence that you can’t get up every day without seeing a couple, if not more, stories — newspaper, TV — aimed at ripping, criticizing, destroying Sarah Palin. It’s gone beyond the realm of belief now that there’s serious news behind all of these stories, that there’s any real journalism going on here. It’s not that at all. It’s attack dog journalism and it’s largely in the White House news center. I’m dead serious about this. It’s also to ignore and not report on the rising oil and gasoline prices and the rising food prices and the obvious impact this is going to have on the economy and a recovery they desperately want you to believe.

The White House has essentially, in journalistic terms, put crosshairs on Sarah Palin. There’s no question that this is what they’re trying to do. Sarah Palin, that’s who they are trying to destroy because that’s who they fear is the biggest threat to Obama. And don’t think for a moment the Republicans don’t know that, either. They know it.


RUSH: Johnny in Indianapolis, welcome to the EIB Network and Open Line Friday.

CALLER: Thanks, sir. How are you?

RUSH: Very good.

CALLER: Hey, if an event such as the one that took place in Tucson had happened in Canada, the UK, or Germany, do you think the congresswoman would still be alive?

RUSH: Yeah. You’re talking about health care?


RUSH: Yeah, I have no way of speculating on that.

CALLER: Well, I just think that she’s got the best treatment in the universe.

RUSH: I know what you’re saying but the best health care in the world still exists in parts of Canada for certain people. If one of their elected officials got shot I’m sure their elected officials would get the best. Our problem with the Canadian health care system is not that it’s horrible. It’s that it’s unfairly distributed. We’ve heard of all the lines, people having to come to the United States for routine procedures. But the ruling class is always gonna get taken care of, same thing in Germany. Hell, even in Germany we’ve got US military installations with fabulous health care there. I know what your point is, we’ve got the best health care system in the world, and this episode demonstrates it. And I think that’s true, because no matter where you go in this country you’re gonna get the best health care. It could happen in Tucson. It could happen in San Antonio. It could happen in Buffalo. You’re going to get the best in this country. That’s why people are so concerned about Obamacare, because it’s gonna destroy this. It’s going to motivate people — that’s the right word — to not even go in to the medical profession. I mean in this country if you are an illegal immigrant and have no money, you still get the best health care in the world and with a smile on the professionals’ faces.

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