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We’ve seen all this before, folks. This is not the first violent attack in America instantly seized on by media liberals, bent on using national grief as a weapon to destroy their political enemies. We have seen the corrupt news reporting that substitutes speculative blame for fact-gathering.

We saw the feeding frenzy that transformed an innocent security guard, Richard Jewell, from a hero who tried to save lives, to a villain suspected of carrying out the 1996 Olympic bombing.

We’ve also seen the flip side –how one of America’s most notorious mass-murdering political terrorists –Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber –was wrapped in the mantle of insanity, after it was learned he was an Algore-reading, card-carrying member of the environmental fringe lunatic left. But unlike now,liberals didn’t blame talk radio, or condemn right-wing political discourse; instead they openly wondered how a man with such a “deep social conscience” could become a mass murder.

We’ve also seen memorial services turned into political rallies before. In contrast, when Bill Clinton was using the Oklahoma City bombing memorial to blame me,the audience was respectfully somber –unlike the Wellstone Memorial, where liberals booed Republican elected officials. As for the Arizona memorial, well…you saw it (“we thrive together”).

We know the Arizona shooter didn’t listen to talk radio, he wasn’t in the Tea Party, was not a Palin fan. We know that liberals once again have distorted, lied, and conjured up fictional political motives to satisfy their own sick loathing of fellow Americans.

We know.We’ve seen it all before.

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