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“I can see possibly not supporting the Republican nominee this election, and I never thought that I would say that in my life.”

“We’re getting the fall rating reports in, and the audience is through the roof; it truly is expanding by leaps and bounds. So once again, after almost 20 years of doing this show, the Drive-Bys still misunderstand its appeal.”

“Mrs. Clinton says she’s going to freeze mortgage interest rates and freeze foreclosures for 90 days, so why not freeze stock prices? Hey, Tom Brokaw — is that not a great solution?”

“I want you people to know that I, Chief Wagawaga El Rushbo, have applied for a casino license for us here in Florida. We are the El Rushbo El Conservo tribe, and we are going to be able to sell cigarettes in there with no tax. Oh, it’s going to be a great day!”

“The Drive-Bys consider McCain’s ‘straight talk’ anything they agree with, and the first item on the things they agree with him is: ‘Bush sucks.'”

“The media would love for me to stop having influence, but they don’t understand that the influence that exists here results from you. You people are independent thinkers, and that’s what they don’t like about conservatives.”

“Tom Brokaw… How many millions of people did he talk to for how many years for a half hour every night? And how shallow does he come off here?”

“McCain-Feingold was a direct assault on what comes out of certain people’s mouths around election time. And once you successfully chip away the First Amendment, it’s easy to dothe next time, the second time, the third time, the fourth time, and the 50th time.”

“I know, sadly, a number of Republican women who watch Oprah’s show and are totally sucked in by it. I don’t understand what happens to them when they watch it, but they just swoon.”

“Bill Clinton claims to have personally seen voter intimidation in Nevada. What strip club was he in?”

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