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Cathie Black, a woman with no prior education experience (but a friend of Mayor Bloomberg), was his choice to run the New York City school system. The new chancellor recently held a meeting with parents whose children are in overcrowded schools, andthe meeting did not go too well.

The father of a student stated his concern about the overcrowding. Chancellor Black responded by asking, “Could we just have some birth control once in a while? That would really help us all out a lot.”

She wasn’t done. At another point in the meeting, she suggested every neighborhood would have to make “many Sophie’s Choices” — a reference to the book in which the mother in a Nazi death camp, Sophie, had to choose which one of her two kids would live. According to the New York Post, “everybody’s face fell” over that one.

Now, of course, if a conservative uttered those remarks in a skrool system which has a heavy minority population, or made any kind of “joke” about the Holocaust,the entire civil rights industry would be in high moral outrage over the “racially tinged” comments, and every liberal news outlet would whip the public into a frenzy. Some conservatives would lead the pack demanding a resignation.

But the incident is being treated as a one-off display of inappropriate attempts at humor. Cathie Black is a liberal woman of means, appointed by a liberal mayor of immense means –in a liberal city with shrinking means. Sovile racist jokes? Eh,just unfortunate.No big deal.

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