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RUSH: Now, let me suggest something here. We could all say just as easily that the Democrats, the left is responsible for Tucson. We could say it. We didn’t. But we could.

How? Very simple.

The left — which continues to agitate, abuse, punish, name-call, whatever — create an environment in which the individual is smothered. They treat people, individuals, as worthless. They come up with these conspiracy theories that Bush knew about 9/11. Imagine yourself wandering aimlessly through the murk as a disturbed young man, you see one of your cities practically blown off the map and then you go out and watch a movie by Michael Moore and you listen to Democrats and you read websites — and you watch movies, documentaries –about how Bush was behind it. What do you think it’s gonna do to an already disturbed mind?

And who did all that? Who plants ideas like these in people’s heads? Bush knew of 9/11? What kind of a mass murderer does that make Bush? And don’t forget, 35% of the Democrats in this country in a poll say they thought so, that Bush knew about it. That means that by extension, Bush knew about it and didn’t do anything to stop it. Therefore he is complicit. The left is constantly telling anybody who will listen how rotten this country is, how rotten we are, how rotten the nation is, how unfair and unjust our economic system is. They create this environment of pessimism, self-hate, and desperation. They tell victims — and they try to make as many people victims as possible by putting them in groups of victims.

They tell these people that they’ve got no chance in this unjust and unfair country. ‘If you’re Hispanic, you got no chance. If you’re African-American, you got no chance. If you’re a woman and African-American, you are doomed! You have no chance. The only out for you is the military, and if you do that, you’re stupid, but you really can’t be blamed because this economy was so destroyed by George W. Bush, you have no future.’ What is this going to do to people? And this went on for eight years. And before Clinton got to ten it went on for 16 or 12 years, during Reagan and the first term of Bush. This has been a constant refrain: Uunjust, unfair America is.

And now, as though to put an exclamation point on it, we got a president who runs around the world basically affirming this all by apologizing for it to anybody who will listen. So you take some uneducated, ill-informed, mal-informed, disturbed young people, and you subject them to this stuff: Lying propaganda, movies, documentaries, who knows what the hell else, political speeches. Sure, we could sit here and blame the left for this. We could say they’ve got blood on their hands, that they create this kinda climate. Because the Democrats, the left in this country, they turn citizen against citizen.

They want people to hate each other over wealth or race, gender, sexual orientation, or whatever. They love talking about hate speech! They love talking about hate. They want people to hate each other. It’s a distraction to boot. You get men and women at war against each other, they’re distracted. You get blacks and whites at war with each other, they’re distracted. No matter what war you set up, it equals a distraction while the left marches on down the highway of socialism. How can you be a liberal and be proud of yourself when you’re told you don’t sacrifice enough for the state? We’ve heard that refrain, too.

‘The American people have not been asked to sacrifice during the Iraq war! We have not been asked to sacrifice,’ meaning we’re not paying enough taxes. Or your ancestors committed some horrible offense. Or conversely, if you’re not able to succeed it’s because of the Founders who were inherently racism, racist; or it’s the unfair unjustness of capitalism. Or basically a system built to deny you your just rewards — and other than that, you’ve gotta find a way to get your ‘benefits,’ because country is stacked against you. This is the message of the Democrat Party every day, and it is ratcheted up during every election.

This is the message. So who is it that is creating the message of desperation and despair and pessimism playing on fears and weaknesses? It is them. It isn’t us. We’re the ones who are optimistic! We continue to tell people this country provides excellent opportunity for anybody who wants to seek it, whatever ambition level you have. We are warning people that that magic, that this wealth of opportunity, is threatened by the current regime and its socialist policies –and we threaten that because we want people to oppose it because our warnings are rooted in love. Love of country, love of this nation’s history, love of its potential, and love of its existence. Love of its future.

And there isn’t any of that on the left. This stuff needs to be turned around on these people. If you are a victim, and you have been victimized by other citizens or society generally, as the left preaches, are you not more likely to become violent? They tell you that the deck is stacked against you, that the rich are taking everything from you, or that the Republicans want to kick you outta your house and take away your Social Security, or the Republicans want you to die, or their oil companies want you to go broke, or what have you? What are you gonna be prone to do here after a lifetime of hearing this stuff?

Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big This, Big That, Big Insurance. Every American institution that exists, according to the Democrats, is out to veritably kill you at one point or another. If you were told that you are put upon by the system, that you have no hope unless society is transformed and made more just, unless there is fairness — are you not more likely to become violent? If you’re told every day that your future doesn’t exist, that it’s been robbed and stolen from you already, what are you gonna do — particularly if you have (sigh), you know, mental disturbance going into this all this?

You’re told the rich are ripping you off. If not for them, you would be living well. If not for them, you’d have the boat and you’d have a house on the beach and you’d have three cars. Are you not at least gonna be resentful? And don’t forget this is not something they say now and then. It’s every day. It is their platform. If you’re told that America is a racist nation and there’s nothing you can do about it, are you gonna get kicked off and form the New Black Panthers, maybe, and try to get in the way of people electing people that you oppose?

Who knows? Anything’s possible when that’s the message. When you got community organizers like Obama running around agitating on all this stuff, on street corners every day in urban areas of this country, what the hell do you expect to happen? And they blame us. Turn it around on them, folks, damn it. They’re the ones this create climates of hate, negativism, pessimism, desperation. ‘All is lost,’ despair, they create it. That’s how they benefit. They profit from all that.


RUSH: Here’s how it works. Minor player in the big scheme of things, but still, this is how it works. This is yesterday, Megyn Kelly on America Live, Fox News Channel, talking with Alan Colmes. And Megyn Kelly said, ‘I assume you’re not a huge Rush Limbaugh fan.’

COLMES: Not only am I not a huge Rush Limbaugh fan, he’s politicized it and he’s (crosstalk) been decrying others as politicizing it.

KELLY: Okay, but let me ask you…

COLMES: He should be ashamed of what he’s been saying.

KELLY: Let me ask you something…

COLMES: He blamed it on the Democratic Party and said the Democratic Party is protecting this guy Jared Lee Loughner.

KELLY: But – but…

COLMES: That’s ridiculous too.

KELLY: But he was attacked first. (crosstalk) He was attacked first.

COLMES: Aw, poor baby.

KELLY: Well listen, Alan, I’m just saying…

COLMES: I’m just saying he had no business blaming the Democratic Party. He was way out of line on this.

KELLY: Obviously there was one person to blame for this and it was Jared Lee Loughner.

COLMES: Yeah, absolutely.

KELLY: But I was on the air on Saturday night. There were other people on the air on Saturday night. This was hours…


KELLY: …after the shooting took place, who were already blaming this on the right.

COLMES: Limbaugh immediately lashed out against liberals in the Democratic Party. Something he should not have done.

KELLY: He was attacked and blamed.

COLMES: That’s irrelevant. (crosstalk)

KELLY: No one had been attacking…

COLMES: That does not excuse the things he said.

RUSH: That’s irrelevant, that’s no excuse. I didn’t say anything until Monday on this. But this is how it works. Colmes gets the memo like all the rest of them do and the theme is that we’re outta line, we’re way outta line to defend ourselves. And when we illustrate the absurdity of it by being absurd, they fall for it. I knew that’d get ’em. That was the Media Tweak of the Day, and it worked. It was all over that Mediaite site. I said, ‘No wonder the guy’s smiling in his mug shot. You would be, too, if you know the whole Democrat Party was trying to find somebody other than you to blame.’ I mean there’s a major political party in this country that’s got your back. You pulled the trigger, and they’re out there trying to blame anybody but you. No wonder the guy’s smiling. You can always tell when what works really gets under their skin, because then they run around and react to it and say, ‘That’s out of line to defend himself, the poor baby, he can’t handle being accused of murder, grow up.’ Colmes has suggested in the past, by the way, that Sarah Palin caused her child to have Down syndrome because she was not careful enough in her prenatal care. Colmes has said that.


RUSH: In the first hour of this program, I made some observations, ladies and gentlemen, that if you are a weak individual, questionable character, dubious mental capabilities, and if every day you are told how unfair and unjust your country is and how you are responsible for destroying the planet unless you do X. If you are told you haven’t got a chance in this country because of racism, bigotry, homophobia, whatever it is, sexism, if you’ve been told that you’ve got nowhere to go because you’re African-American or Hispanic and the deck is stacked against you in an unfair country, what would you do if you’re told this every day by people you vote for, by people you support? If the movies you go see tell you that your government was behind the downing of the trade center and the Pentagon in 9/11, as the move Zeitgeist did, a documentary. If you were told by Michael Moore that all of this was done on purpose, if you’re told that the rich have taken what’s rightfully yours, if you’re bombarded with this every day as part of a political message, what would you be capable of doing?

What might it drive you to do? I mean we could just as easily say that the left is responsible for Tucson and events like Tucson because it is the left which routinely, regularly, continually agitates, abuses, punishes, fines, name calls. The left creates this environment in which the individual is smothered, treated as worthless and degraded. The left is constantly telling us how horrible we are, how horrible our country is. The left’s leader runs around the world apologizing for this country, how unfair and unjust our economic system is; how our major corporations are out to kill you, to screw you, to rip you off. They create this environment of pessimism, of self-hate and loathing, desperation. They turn citizen against citizen, blacks against whites, men against women, Hispanics against whoever, you name it. People are constantly at war with each other. How can you been proud of yourself when you’re told you don’t sacrifice enough for your state, you’re not paying enough taxes, you’re not giving enough to the cause or that your ancestors committed some horrible offense. Or, if you’re unable to succeed, it’s because of the Founders and the inherent racism and unfairness of your culture and our Constitution, or capitalism.

You can’t get into the university you want because the system is rigged, a system that has been built to deny you what’s rightfully yours. If you’re told this every day — and you are, this is the Democrat Party message, it has been for as long as I’ve been alive. Who is it creating this sense of desperation, despair, and pessimism? Who is it playing on fears and weaknesses? Who is it that constantly parades these victims before Senate and congressional committees? It’s the Democrat Party, ladies and gentlemen. So what have you got when a climate like this exists, and then you get Algore producing a movie lying to people about the world being destroyed? Fake Photoshopped pictures in movies about ice floes melting, whole glaciers melting, the eastern coast of the country being flooded unless you drive some claptrap, piece-of-junk car that you really don’t want. But it’s a status symbol, so you go get one.

You are inspired to hate anybody that does any better than you are, and you are told that when those people are punished, that’s your reward, not when you do better, but when those people are punished, that’s your reward, that’s when things are being equal, and the Democrat Party is gonna make sure that everybody who’s guilty of doing better than you are pays the price one way or the other. So what are you inspired to do? You want everybody to get theirs; you want everybody to be gotten even with. You take people who are unbalanced, weak, susceptible, impressionable and you bombard ’em with that message in the Democrat Party and their willing accomplices in the media every day, and what the hell kind of person or people are you going to create running around out there? Then you show ’em the Michael Moore movie or show ’em the Zeitgeist movie, their government led by a Republican lied, took us into war in Afghanistan, lied to take us into war in Iraq, lied about weapons of mass destruction, lied about being responsible for 9/11, purposely wired those buildings to blow up and blamed it on some innocent Muslims, what are you gonna think? Are you not gonna run around confused and filled with hatred?

Isn’t the job of the community organizer to tell people they don’t have a chance? Isn’t the job of a community organizer to say you’re screwed, but not for long if you support me ’cause we’re gonna get even with these people? How we gonna do it? We’re gonna make sure everybody’s as miserable as you are and we’re gonna call that fairness. So here’s just the latest example. And this is from our beloved French News Agency: ‘World is ‘One Poor Harvest’ From Chaos, New Book Warns.’ Okay, now imagine yourself. You’re a Jared Loughner or one degree of that or another. You’re unstable. You’re weak. You can’t find success outside a Powerball, and even that has eluded you. It’s cold out there, you drive a dented rat trap car, no girl will have anything to do with you, your only fun is video games, and even those have become boring. Blockbuster shut down, they don’t sill videocassettes anymore, and you don’t have a DVD player because the rich stole the money that you were gonna take to buy one.

And then all of a sudden you get up and you read that mankind has been pushed to the brink of collapse by bleeding water aquifers dry and overplowing land to feed people. ‘In his new book ‘World on the Edge,’ released this week, Lester Brown, well known environmentalist, says mankind has pushed civilization to the brink of collapse by bleeding aquifers dry and overflowing land to feed an ever-growing population, while overloading the atmosphere with carbon dioxide. If we continue to sap Earth’s natural resources, ‘civilizational collapse is no longer a matter of whether but when.” Well, what are you gonna do? The world’s already stacked against you. This country’s already made it impossible for you, and now there isn’t gonna be enough food, either, because the filthy rich bankers and whoever else led by whatever Republican have bled the world dry are feeding themselves, enriching their corporate profits or whatever.

‘Brown, the founder of Worldwatch and the Earth Policy Institute, which both seek to create a sustainable society, told AFP. What distinguishes ‘World on the Edge’ from his dozens of other books is ‘the sense of urgency,’ Brown told AFP. ‘Things could start unraveling at any time now and it’s likely to start on the food front. We’ve got to get our act together quickly. We don’t have generations or even decades — we’re one poor harvest away from chaos.’ Yeah, you remember when we were all just one paycheck away from being homeless back during the Reagan eighties? We have been talking for decades about saving the planet, but the question now is, can we save civilization? Well, what are you gonna do? And this is a common refrain, one degree or another of this apocalyptic message, right out of the Democrat Party, the American left, the worldwide left playbook. If you happen to be weak, unstable, mentally weird, who knows what you’re doing in your basement, planning for the ultimate day when all this happens. And who you gonna blame? You gotta hold somebody accountable for this. Cause every day you’re told and you’re given a list of names of why you haven’t succeeded. And it’s everybody but you. It’s everybody else’s fault that you are human debris. And you gotta go out and you gotta punish whoever did this to you, and the Democrat Party has given you a list.

So if the world is just one poor harvest away from starvation, maybe we ought to stop putting corn in our cars. ‘What do you mean by that, Mr. Limbaugh, putting corn in our cars?’ Yes, Mr. New Castrati, it’s called ethanol. And the price of tacos and enchiladas and everything they eat down in Mexico has gone up sky-high, including where you eat, Mr. New Castrati, because corn, which we used to eat is now being put in cars to fuel them at no savings in any regard. Lester Brown, the recipient of 26 honorary degrees, he holds a MacArthur fellowship, he has been described by the Washington Post as one of the world’s most influential thinkers. Well, obviously Jared Loughner has to have heard of him. So this is just one example of my point. ‘Food riots would erupt in low-income countries and ‘with confidence in the world grain market shattered, the global economy could start to unravel,” from one of the world’s greatest thinkers.

Hell, you don’t even have to be unbalanced. Just say you’re an average college student, skull full of mush; you’ve watched Gore’s movie; you’ve read the stupid book; you believe all this garbage; you wear all the ribbons; you buy all the accessories to make yourself look like you care more than everybody else; you read this and what are you gonna do? Well, you’re gonna be motivated to go into journalism, for social justice. Or become an aide in the Democrat Party or what have you.


RUSH: And don’t forget here, folks, the Discovery Channel Gunman. He was a global warmer. You know that guy who took the building hostage? We know these stories drive people to insane acts. I just got a note from a guy, ‘Shut up, Rush! You’re depressing me. You’re making me feel like I gotta go out and shoot somebody.’ Well, somebody already did! Look at this. This is from the Latin-American Herald Tribune, February 28th of last year. ‘Buenos Aires — A 7-month-old baby survived alone for three days with a bullet wound in its chest beside the bodies of its parents and brother, who died in an apparent suicide pact brought on by the couple’s terror of global warming…’

They believed they were causing global warming, so they killed their two kids and then themselves! ‘The cops found a letter on the table alluding to the couple’s worry about global warming and their anger at the government’s lack of interest in the matter.’ So, folks, if you’re disturbed, if you’re not all there and you believe all this tripe… They don’t even have to be all disturbed. You just hear it every day from sources that everybody thinks never lie to you. Why would your government lie to you? A lot of people have that view: The government would never lie to ’em. ‘It may be wrong, but it’d never lie to us.’

You have all these respected people winning Nobel Prizes saying all of this: The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; the former vice president of the United States, Algore. All these wonderful people say it. Bill Clinton is running around talking about it. The president of the United States, Barack Obama, is promising to lower the sea levels. Yeah, we’ve had stories saying, ‘It’s too late! No matter what we do, we can’t stop this.’ Well, if that’s the case, I’ve always said, maybe we’re not causing it.’ At the trial of the gunman, the Discovery Channel hostage-taker, ‘The Gazette of Montgomery County reported, Lee said he began working to save the planet after being laid off from his job in San Diego.

‘He said he was inspired by ‘Ishmael,’ a novel by environmentalist Daniel Quinn, and by former Vice President Al Gore’s documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth,” uh, lie. ”I want Discovery Communications to broadcast on their channels to the world their new program lineup and I want proof they are doing so,’ he wrote. ‘I want the new shows started by asking the public for inventive solution ideas to save the planet and the remaining wildlife on it.” This was the kook that took hostages at the Discovery Channel building in Maryland. So, look, throw this right back on them. It’s why I say, ‘You want to clean up the world? You want to make it a safer place? Take guns away from liberals. Take computers and keyboards and typewriters away from their writers.’ Those two things alone, imagine how much more peaceful daily life would be!

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