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“If the American people wanted Democrats to get along with Republicans, then why the massive Democrat defeat in November? And not just in Washington, but throughout the country?”

“Obama has a column in the Wall Street Journal today about how he is going to review all these regulations out there and get rid of the ones that are obstacles to business. You know, if he meant it, he would join us in repealing his health care bill.”

“Our view is very simple, not complicated at all: Socialism doesn’t work, it can’t work, so why continue to follow such a disastrous path? Because Obama insists on it?”

“The 1980s were just as vitriolic as they are today. Reagan was called a Nazi, just like Bush was. Nothing’s different. And folks, if you weren’t alive then or if you weren’t old enough to be paying attention, do not doubt me.”

“The Democrats are saying that accusing the president of trampling on our liberties, of trying to transform this society to strengthen the government and weaken the individual, is hate language. No, it’s not — particularly since it has the added benefit of being true.”

“Ron Reagan Jr. is claiming his father had Alzheimer’s while he was in office. Now, this is a son on the one-hundredth anniversary of his dad’s birthday, trying to hawk a book. This must be the new civility that everybody’s talking about.”

“‘Gestational carrier’. This is a new term for ‘surrogate’, right? Gestational carrier… almost sounds like a disease.”

“It’s by no means time to start caving on our agenda. We have won the right to try governing our way. Whatever we do, it can’t be any worse than what the left has done for the majority of the last 80 years. You think we can do better than 9.4% unemployment? Damn right we can!”

“I don’t know of anybody inthe political arena who has been more impugned, libeled, slandered, ripped, and mischaracterized than Sarah Palin. It has been personally vicious and merciless, and she appears untainted by it. In fact, she has risen above it.”

“Pat, I think you’re addicted to my tone. Pat, I think you secretly love me. I think you are addicted to this program and can’t turn it off even when you want to, Pat.”

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