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RUSH: Tonight’s the second episode of The Haney Project, and it’s Team Vodka night in Hawaii. We’re on the Big Island, playing at Kuki’o and a couple of other courses. You’ll meet some of my friends on the episode tonight, along with Hank Haney, George Brett among them. And if you liked last week’s episode, this one’s even better. It’s tonight at nine eastern on The Golf Channel. It’s channel 218 on DirecTV. Find it on your cable channel. Haney Project, Golf Channel, episode two of eight, and it’s stupendous. I meant to be reminding you all day about this, so we’ll put it up on the website for you to remember, but spread the word. You don’t want to miss this. Well, you don’t want to miss any of them, especially episode five, by the way, but don’t miss any of them.

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