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Hey, folks, we have some great news!The US unemployment rate is “steady” at 9.6 percent. You think 9.6 percent is a disaster? No way! It’s good because it’s “steady.”

New job numbers are out. Or, I should say new job-less numbers. First-time claims for unemployment again jumped”unexpectedly” by 35,000 to mark almost a half-million new claims — the highest level since October.

What’s this? The new report says the December numbers were wrong? There were actually fewer jobs created in December than originally reported?

Ah,don’t be discouraged by that news;expert economists tell us the economy is still moving in the “right direction.” Just a few more years, and some of you who don’t have jobs might find some. They’re just around the corner.Don’t forget:We’re fundamentally “transforming” America to take advantage of all of those new “green jobs” out there.

Speaking of which, here’s another item. Evergreen Solar, Inc,one of America’s solar panel manufacturers,announced today thatthey’re cutting 800 jobs at their Devens, Massachusetts plant. Under Democrat Governor Deval Patrick, the state dumped 58 million taxpayer dollars in subsidies to keep the company running because, he said, it played a vital role in the future of alternative energy in the state. Company executives cited operating costs as the reason for the layoffs.

But don’t worry. We’re moving in the “right direction,” folks, especially when it comes to “green jobs”. You people looking for work, justbe patient. Your time will come. This decade. Or the next. Maybe.Maybe in China — you never know.

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