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RUSH: Both of the Clintons went to the state dinner at the White House last night for you know Hu. Probably the first time the Clintons have had dinner together, gosh, probably since their daughter’s wedding, and we don’t even know if they had dinner together during their daughter’s wedding. They might have sat at separate tables. You never know. We do know that Hillary did not wear her Mao jacket, and that’s a staple of her wardrobe. It was nowhere to be seen last night. Come to think of it, Bill didn’t wear his, either.

They have greeting and reception line, kind of like the red carpet at Hollywood events. Never forget, politics is just show biz for the ugly, and last night was great illusion of that. So Barbra Streisand somehow made the guest list. So did Jackie Chan. Barbra Streisand made the guest list and on the red carpet there, the reception line, an unidentified reporter said, ‘Ms. Streisand, what is your connection to China?’

STREISAND: I worked in a Chinese restaurant.

RUSH: Barbra Streisand explaining why she thinks she was invited. She worked in a Chinese restaurant. She also starred in a movie, What’s Up, Doc?, that she and her costar, Ryan O’Neal, got caught up in a Chinese Chinatown parade. They totally wrecked it, by the way, in the movie. She coulda cited that.

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