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RUSH: Folks, anger at your host knows no bounds opposite last night on the syndicated TV show Inside Edition, here is a portion of a report by the anchor Deborah Norville.

NORVILLE: Radio talker Rush Limbaugh has a new target: A new mom. Specifically, Nicole Kidman. Rush is blasting her, saying that the way she announced her new baby sounds like a disease.

RUSH ARCHIVE: ‘Gestational carrier.’ Almost sounds like a disease.

MALE ANNOUNCER: Rush Limbaugh’s lashing out at a surprising target: Nicole Kidman, whose secret baby is the talk of Hollywood. The conservative radio host took aim at the term ‘gestational carrier,’ which the 43-year-old actress and husband Keith Urban used in revealing that a surrogate had carried their biological child.

RUSH ARCHIVE: ‘Gestational carrier.’ Almost sounds like a disease. And to some women, pregnancy is a disease. I mean the feminazis, of course.

MALE ANNOUNCER: Limbaugh didn’t stop there…

RUSH ARCHIVE: I don’t know if it was a medical reason for this. Maybe she just didn’t want to bother with getting pregnant again, I don’t know.

MALE ANNOUNCER: Blogger ‘Perez Hilton’ says, ‘Ugh. Rush Limbaugh, leave Nicole Kidman alone.’

RUSH: Now, did any of you people listening to this yesterday (laughing) say, ‘Leave her alone, Rush! Leave her alone! She’s a good actress!’ Blasting Nicole Kidman? Did any of you listening to me think that? Most of you probably thought, ‘Would you stick to the issues? We don’t care about the Hollywood crowd!’ Blasting Nicole Kidman? ‘A new target’? Nicole Kidman is not a ‘target;’ I wasn’t blasting. I’ve never heard the term ‘gestational carrier.’ (interruption) How do you say ‘gestational carrier’ in Chinese? (laughing) I don’t know. I was just kidding Kidman. Are these people…? They get a whole report out of this: ‘Rush Limbaugh lashing out at a surprising target: Nicole Kidman! Secret baby the talk of Hollywood. Took aim at the term ‘gestational carrier.’ Limbaugh didn’t stop there!’

For you people… Who did this? An unidentified male announcer. Whoever. You people at Inside Edition, you need to get with the program. The feminazis have said pregnancy is a ‘disease,’ as they have argued for abortion. It’s hopeless. It’s just totally hopeless. Let’s move on to something else. Yeah, hey. They just can’t take a little jesting. I was jesting them about their ‘gestational carrier’ phrase, and they can’t take it. It’s amazing how tightly wound all of these people are. Hollywood types, I suppose, are immune from criticism, or more than likely what this is all about is that Inside Hollywood… Is that the name of the show again? Was it Inside Hollywood? Inside Edition. They’re simply trying to score points with Kidman and Urban here is what this was all about.


RUSH: To Sacramento, my adopted hometown. This is Judy. Great to have you. Welcome.


RUSH: Hi. How are you?

CALLER: Yes, Rush, I’ve been listening to you I think for 25 years, and you didn’t really change my mind, I just listened to you and I said, ‘This guy thinks the way I do, who is he?’

RUSH: Right. I came along and validated what you already think.

CALLER: Yeah. But when I turned on this morning you were defending yourself against something in Hollywood and I thought, ‘I wouldn’t give those guys the time of day.’

RUSH: Is that what you thought?


RUSH: That I was defending myself?

CALLER: Well, that’s what it kind of sounded like.

RUSH: Sorry it came across that way. I was illustrating I’m having a ball with this. I think this is ridiculously funny.

CALLER: Well, yeah, because I wouldn’t even mention their names. You have spoken out for years when nobody else would.

RUSH: Look, I am happy to promote, publicize, and amplify stupidity and idiocy on the left. I’m happy to do it.

CALLER: Yeah, well, you’re appreciated. And this president has so many fires going that I don’t see how the Republicans can do anything in two years. But if they can put a Republican president in there, this guy has so much going on that people don’t know where to turn.

RUSH: Well, I understand what you mean. Elections have consequences. He is the big dog in the battle, he’s the president, and the effort is on to stop him. That’s the first thing that has to happen. The repeal effort, I’m gonna tell you, there’s much more in this than people realize. There’s much, much more in this repeal effort than people realize. It’s much stronger. The very fact that Harry Reid will not allow a vote on this is quite telling. We’ve got some principled people running the opposition here, and it’s a sizeable opposition majority in the House of Representatives. So Obama is gonna have to resort to extraconstitutional means to get his agenda advanced, which he’s planning on doing. A lot of executive orders, a lot of bypassing of legislative branch and make no mistake, he’ll do that. But it will be on display for everybody to see. Judy, thanks for the call.

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