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RUSH: Joan Rivers, I don’t know that she got the memo, either. This was last night on Maude Behar’s show and the question was: ‘You were uninvited to appear on Fox & Friends? That really happened to you?’

RIVERS: So now we call it Fox and Former Friends.

BEHAR: Yeah.

RIVERS: And they said to our PR lady, she said, ‘Why?’


RIVERS: And they said because of what was said about Ms. Palin.

BEHAR: Because she’s a Fox contributor.

RIVERS: I guess.

BEHAR: Uh-huh.

RIVERS: She’s a Nazi; I don’t know.

RUSH: She’s a Nazi. Palin is a Nazi. So there you have the new civility. It’s all over the place. They laugh about it. Just days after all of this hand-wringing and angst, just days after, ‘Oh, my God, where is the civility? It’s led to the shooting of 15 people in Arizona, oh, no, what are doing?’ And these people are running around like it never happened. Of course, are they being held accountable for it? By the way, I do not want to be speech police. I frankly don’t care, doesn’t bother me. If she wants to call people Nazis, fine, we’ll comment on it. All of this is absurd, but if these people are gonna sit here and start acting like this kind of language is destroying our culture, they better damn well be consistent about it or nobody is gonna take them seriously. This is not insignificant stuff here. We’re not the ones that do all this society disrupting anyway. They are. You want to talk about murder, how many abortions do we have every year in this country supported politically as a cause by the Democrat Party? We all know that this is all patently absurd.

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