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In a recent speech, Bob King, the president of the United Auto Workers, delivered a terse warning to his union members. He said if the union isn’t able to unionize foreign-owned auto plants in America, their future is in doubt. “If we don’t organize these transnationals, I don’t think there’s a long-term future for the UAW,”he said.

The problem for the UAW is that Japanese, South Korean, and German automakers outsmarted them. They built most of their manufacturing plants in southern states resistant to union organizing, with fewer union bought-and-paid for politicians. To boot, they pay their employees wages that are comparable to union wages giving workers no incentive to turn to unions.

All that leaves the UAW in desperate shape. With membership declining, Bob King says that to have more bargaining clout, the UAW has to represent a larger share of workers, so they’re going to try and mobilizeon million of their active and retired members to picket up to 400 dealerships of foreign-owned car companies. If that doesn’t work, they have “other” tactics. (Remember: These are union guys.)

So you non-union autoworkers, foreign-owned car companies, and dealershipsnow in the UAW crosshairs (so to speak)?A word to the wise: Look at the great record unions have with American car companies.If you want the same future of bankruptcy and begging for bailouts, listen to these union guys –orremain profitable. The choice is stillyours… but for how long?

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