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RUSH: Lakewood, New Jersey. This is Dottie. Dottie, great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s a pleasure to speak with you. I have a question that no one seems to have an answer to and my sister and I’ve been talking about it for several days.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: As happy as we are that Mrs. Giffords is doing so well and going to rehab, we have not heard one word about any of the other persons who were injured, who were shot. What about these people? Why can’t we get a little update, or is it just their families don’t want the publicity?

RUSH: What people are you talking about?

CALLER: Well, anyone else who was shot at Tucson that has gone into the hospital.

RUSH: Oh, oh, oh, I’m sorry.

CALLER: We haven’t heard how they are doing. I understand, you know, that she’s top of the story, but at the same time we’re kind of worried about the other, folks, too. We shouldn’t just put them in the background.

RUSH: Well, look, I have given the media more tweaks today than they could possibly choose from. How would you answer your own question? Why are we not hearing about those people?

CALLER: Because I think in the media’s minds they’re unimportant.

RUSH: Why?

CALLER: Because they have nothing to do with the politics or the running of the country or anything else.

RUSH: You mean because they’re not elected to office?


RUSH: That the media doesn’t care about them as much?

CALLER: I don’t think they do, no. Only if it’s a big news story that everybody can get a hold of and blame somebody else for something else and —

RUSH: So you think the other people —


RUSH: — who are wounded and in recovery will not help the media advance their agenda?

CALLER: Well, that’s the puzzling point.

RUSH: That might be why we have heard so little about Judge Roll. I mean we had a Republican judge that was killed, and we haven’t had much of a eulogy about this man in the media. You’re right. You may have a point.

CALLER: None at all. And I just feel like, well, what other ceremonies are we gonna see where people jump up and down and scream and holler as if they were at a football game?

RUSH: Well, wherever Obama goes.

CALLER: Well, yes. We hope he doesn’t go to the football game. That’s just me.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Somebody just whispered in my ear, who are you talking about?

CALLER: I just happened to make a comment that we’re hoping that Obama does not go to the Super Bowl.


CALLER: Speaking of people jumping up and down and carrying on, because that’s what it appeared to be at their service, and it —

RUSH: Oh, oh —

CALLER: — was just upsetting.

RUSH: — oh, oh, oh. Well, yeah, we’ll have to wait and see if that happens. That’s a hundred thousand people. I don’t know what percentage of them are gonna go nuts in favor of Obama there. I mean this is, after all, conservative Texas. You know what that means.

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