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RUSH: He appeared on Meet the Depressed yesterday with David Gregory and Eric Cantor was badgered about the Barry Soetoro birth certificate. I think the only reason that he was badgered about that was because we happened to talk about that on this program, and of course the way we talked about it on the program was to discuss what the Hawaii governor is doing vis-a-vis the Soetoro birth certificate. That’s the frame from which we talked about it. I just found it strange that this guy goes out there and says, yeah, yeah, I’m gonna produce it, get rid of the birthers, I’m gonna embarrass them and then can’t produce it. I’m not buying that this is real. This is designed to suck people like me in, get it all over talk radio so they can then blow it up for the election. I’m convinced that’s what was going on and the proof of it is they got Eric Cantor on there and David Gregory says, ‘Okay, okay, will you call it what it is, all this birth certificate stuff, call it what it is, it’s crazy talk.’

CANTOR: David, you know, a lot of that has been an issue sort of generated by not only the media but others in the country. Most Americans really are beyond that and they want us to focus —

GREGORY: Is somebody who brings that up just engaging in crazy talk?

CANTOR: Well, David, I don’t think it’s nice to call anyone crazy, okay?

GREGORY: All right, is it a legitimate or illegitimate issue?

CANTOR: I don’t think it’s an issue that we need to address at all. I think we need to focus —

GREGORY: His citizenship should never be questioned in your judgment. Is that what you’re saying?

CANTOR: It is not an issue that even needs to be on the policy making table right now.

RUSH: And they weren’t through.

GREGORY: Cause it’s illegitimate? I mean why don’t you just call it what it is? I feel like there’s a lot of Republican leaders who don’t want to go as far as to criticize those —

CANTOR: I think the president’s a citizen of the United States —

GREGORY: Period.

CANTOR: Yes. Why is it that you want me to go engage in name calling —

GREGORY: I’m just —

CANTOR: I think he’s a citizen of the United States.

GREGORY: Because I think a lot of people would say that a leader’s job is to shut some of this down. You know as well as I do there are elements on the right who believe two things about this president. He actively is trying to undermine the American way and wants to deny individuals their freedom. Do you reject those beliefs, as a leader in our Congress?

CANTOR: Let me tell you, David, I believe this president wants what’s best for this country. It’s just how he feels we should get there that there are honest policy differences.

GREGORY: Fair enough.

CANTOR: That’s it.

RUSH: Congressman Cantor, all of that is my fault, and I seriously apologize for it.


RUSH: So there you have it, even though it’s Obama’s job to clear all this ostensible confusion up on the birth certificate, he’s the one guy that could do it, according to David Gregory it was up to Eric Cantor to do it, and Cantor stated he believes Obama’s a citizen. So now, given that that’s happened, when are the Democrats gonna reciprocate regarding such reaching across the aisle as Cantor did here and admit that Sarah Palin is indeed a human being?

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