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RUSH: Folks, just chuck it all! You don’t have to watch the State of the Union show tonight. You got me on TV tonight — on The Haney Project, on the Golf Channel — at nine o’clock tonight. And if this episode is what I think it is, those of you who don’t like me are gonna love this episode. This episode tonight was one of two literal boot camp sessions that I had with Hank Haney: One in Dallas and one here in Palm Beach. Both of them were five hours. Not one break — with one club, 7-iron, or an 8-iron. (interruption) Blisters? Hell, yes! I got blisters, scabs, calluses, yes. The… (interruption)

Yeah, it was not fun ’cause I wasn’t doing well. (interruption) No, no, no! The sweat was rolling off my face, Haney was not happy with me, I was ticked off at myself. Oh! This episode tonight is where the actual instruction begins. This episode tonight is where basically Haney says, ‘We gotta start all over. We gotta pretend you’ve never played the game before.’ Well, I have 13 years of playing the game, and I had to physically and mentally scrub it, and there’s always resistance to that. So This episode tonight begins the actual intense instruction leading up to a…

Whew! You just don’t want to miss episode five, two weeks from tonight. This is episode three tonight. As I said yesterday, I calculated it. I knew this episode was gonna air tonight, obviously. I knew it was gonna be two days after the NFL Championship Games. So I wore my Steelers jersey taping this episode way, way back in the fall. So I’m up there, I’m wearing old El Rushbo home jersey number 1; black Steelers jersey number 1 — and Haney wasn’t even happy with that. He thought I wasn’t taking the game seriously, showing up in a football jersey. Anyway, that’s at nine o’clock tonight on the Golf Channel.

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