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The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria touted by the rock star Bono raised almost $22 billion in its health fund. But a recent investigation revealed that a lot of the money is accounted for with bogus documents and shoddy bookkeeping practices. Almost two-thirds of some grants — tens of millions of dollars — are lost to graft and corruption.

Officials from the fund say that other charitable organizations are worse. In fact, the AP reports the United Nations severely cut back internal corruption investigations for fear donations would dry up if the extent of corruption were known.

You see, no matter how noble the cause, if there’s a large pile of money waiting to be given away to “help” the needy, you’ll find an assortment of crooks ready to take it;human nature is human nature.

Well, there’s a pile of taxpayer money in Washington. It’s not billions; it’s trillions. And despite everything we know about human natureand crooks,liberals throw that pile at government agencies to “invest” in education andinfrastructure on money-losing railroads,public broadcasting, andon government programs that produce nothing,while crippling economic growth with layers of regulation.

It’s time to cut the pile of money this government takes, spends, and wastes, and cut the number of people in government taking it. The moment of truth is here. Cute buzzwords and noble-sounding causes no longer fool anyone — especially not with me on the case.

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