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RUSH: Sarah Palin last night was on with Van Susteren on Fox. Van Susteren said, ‘A lot of Americans aren’t doing well. I’m okay, but a lot of Americans need jobs. What are we going to do about jobs? Do you have an idea that’s any different from what the president said last night, because we’re all looking for options?’

PALIN: That was a tough speech to have to sit through and try to stomach because the president is so off-base in his ideas on how it is that he believes government is gonna create jobs. Obviously government growth won’t create any jobs. It’s the private sector that can create the jobs. His theme last night in the State of the Union was the WTF, you know, ‘Winning the future,’ and I thought, okay, that acronym, spot on, there are a lot of WTF moments throughout that speech, Greta.

RUSH: (laughing) Sarah Palin, ‘A lot of WTF moments in the speech.’ So Van Susteren said, ‘You mentioned the Tea Party. So I have to ask you about last night. The Republican response from Paul Ryan was good, from Wisconsin. And then Michele Bachmann had the Tea Party response. And there was a lot of grumbling behind-the-scenes at the Capitol last night about her giving the Tea Party response. What’s your thought, was she trying to steal the thunder from the party? Is she a spoiler? Is she going rogue? Or is she doing something important?’

PALIN: I love it when anybody goes rogue for the right reasons, and — no. I appreciated that her message complemented Representative Ryan’s message, and that was fine. Both of their messages, too, those conservative, commonsense messages that they had on how to get the economy back on the right track were really good, and they were sound. They were sound because they were in opposition to President Obama’s message, which basically was, ‘Hey, the era of big government, it’s here as long as I am, and I’m gonna find a way to make you pay for big government.’ That was the president’s message.

RUSH: Exactly right. The era of big government is back and you’re gonna pay for it. All the while, the president was trying to sound Reaganesque.

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