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Rush’s Morning Update: Literally
January 28, 2011
Note: No Dittocam while Rush is in Los Angeles.
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Hi. My name is Rush Limbaugh, and I live in Literalville. So when I hear President Obama is transforming into a “centrist” who’s “tacking to the right,” I measure those words against his actions. After running up the largest spending increases in our history, the largest deficit in history, the president says he wants to “freeze” it in place for the next five years.

He also wants to freeze in place that job-killing, tax-raising monstrosity known as Obamacare. And despite record-spending on education and infrastructure, he says we should invest more money — basically print it –to keep union treasuries flush. He wants to keep spending on phantom “green jobs”,while killing proven jobs we could have from our own natural resources,like oil.

The president who decimated NASA talks about our “Sputnik moment”and declares that the “worst of the recession is over”, while millions of Americans literally have no jobs and no prospects Nothing Obama reads on his teleprompter will change that anytime soon.

Heralding the American dream is always inspiring –by those who really believe in it. Warm, fuzzy words are nice,but they don’t create jobs, they don’t lower taxes, theydon’t cutspending or the size of government. Most of all,they don’t fool me. I don’t wear “civility ribbons” or sit next to liberals in the false illusion of bipartisanship. I want liberals defeated, especially those masquerading as centrists.

Remember, folks: I live in Literalville. It’s a small population,and there’s plenty of room if you want to join me here.

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