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RUSH: I went home last night. A lot of people have been complaining to me ever since, on our Facebook page and at RushLimbaugh.com, we have been posting a lot of pictures of me and the dogs, and the cat-lovers in the audience are afraid that somehow Punkin’s gone or has left the house in protest or has been relegated to irrelevance. I’m getting e-mails: ‘What about Punkin? What about Punkin? Are her feelings hurt? My gosh, you never even talk about her anymore!’ Okay. All right. So I went and got Punkin and had Kathryn take couple pictures of me with Punkin almost asleep on my shoulder. (interruption) Punkin? Yes, she recognized me. She recognized me. (interruption)

Yeah, I was gone for four days. She recognizes me. She lets me know. (interruption) Well, she was mad on Sunday when I got back. She always is mad when I’ve been gone for four days. She comes and headbutts me in bed and so forth. Nah, she was cool. She demanded top billing so no dogs in this picture, just two pictures of me and Punkin. Then she demanded top billing alone, not even me. So I put her on top of the sofa and took a great picture of her. There’s three of them up there, just to let people know that Punkin’s still around and ruling the roost. But I ran the risk of death, according to the news report yesterday that you could die if you sleep with your animals. Punkin was right there on my shoulder. I’m alive today to talk about it.

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