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RUSH: I’m getting a ton of e-mails about The Haney Project, too. In the next half hour, I’ll address this. ‘Rush, we’re trying to keep up here, but Hank’s unhappy. You don’t seem happy but nobody knows why. I mean, what are they trying to fix? What are you doing wrong that they’re trying to fix?’ Folks, it’s all gonna start coming together on tonight’s episode. I’ll explain all this in mere moments. It really all boils down to the fact that the great leap of improvement — and there was one; there has been — did not happen during a taping session with Haney coaching going on. It happened after I left a Haney taping, came come back and started playing, and it’ll all come together. It will all come together, actually starting with tonight’s episode. It airs tonight at nine o’clock Eastern, Golf Channel.

RUSH: The Haney Project, the next episode’s tonight at nine o’clock — and, by the way, thank you because the rating numbers have built every week. Golf Channel told me, ‘We’re used to maybe after two weeks they start going the other way.’ I said, ‘No, they’re gonna keep building here.’ ‘What, are you gonna do more interviews?’ ‘No, I’m not gonna do any interviews.’ I sold nine million books without ever doing a signing. I didn’t do one interview for either of those nine million books. At any rate, this question that people have sent me is a legitimate question. It’s The Haney Project, and as far as they’re concerned this is about me getting golf lessons and getting better, and right now there are three episodes that people have seen and there’s some confusion because of the way it’s been edited, nobody knows what they’re trying to fix. All they see is me out there swinging the club, getting a little ticked off, they see Haney getting a little ticked off but they don’t know what is trying to be fixed. And it’s just the way things have happened. It’s been hard for them to show this because, in all candor, I have improved, but the degree of improvement up to this stage had not happened during tapings with Haney.

What had happened during tapings with Haney was when he was totally changing my swing and I was adjusting to it and for those of you who have been through this, you know that starting all over, it’s not pretty. And that’s what you’ve seen. So I would finish a 12, 14 hour weekend and I’d come back home and play and the level of improvement started when their cameras weren’t around. And tonight’s episode you will see that. Tonight’s episode I go out with my good friend Lord David Rosow, who is the president of the Palm Beach town council here. We go out and we play Trump International here, part of the show is Haney opening up a new training center in China, over there with the ChiComs, and I think Catherine Zeta-Jones and that’s intercut with Rosow and me playing at Trump. And tonight on this episode there will be the first indication — but Haney doesn’t know it, at this point he’s not seen it — there will be evidence of my improvement based on the things he’s trying to get me to do.

So after tonight I hope I don’t get any more questions, ‘Well, is he helping you?’ because that’s all I’ve gotten. And of course we’ve only got one episode left to shoot. You’ve only seen three, but there are five more. We shot two in LA over the weekend with Al Michaels in one of them, and then me and Haney in the other. (interruption) No, no, no, we’re not doing the last one in China. I’m not gonna tell you where the last one is done, we’ll draw a crowd, I’m not into that. No, no, no. It’s gonna be done in a foreign country, but it isn’t gonna be done in China. Now, I’ve told you all along, episode five is the gold standard, episode five you don’t want to miss. Tonight’s episode leads into episode five. Tonight you’ll see me playing better with Rosow, this leads into next Tuesday’s episode in the Bahamas, don’t miss that one. Then the next one after that, don’t miss that one. Episode five and six, do not miss.

I’m saying this before I’ve seen them edited, but they’re gonna have to really screw up the editing to make these look bad ’cause these are home run episodes, and then episode seven we just finished taping and based on what happened there, don’t miss that one. So tonight is the fourth episode, the halfway point is the first time that anybody’s going to see improvement, and I’ll give you just a little indication. The next episode in the Bahamas, a week from tonight, I don’t know if it makes the cut, I don’t know if it makes the show, Haney says, ‘I’ve never had, I’ve never seen this much improvement when I haven’t been around.’ Well, that’s unfortunate because their cameras haven’t been around. But it’s all gonna start coming together here, folks.


RUSH: Episode four tonight of The Haney Project on The Golf Channel. It’s at nine o’clock. Now, if you watch, you need to check this. This happened to me last week, and it turned out happened to everybody that watches or sets up TiVo or DirecTV DVR recording on DirecTV. For some reason, last Tuesday at nine o’clock was a repeat of the previous week. It was not an original version. They didn’t run the original version until midnight, and I thought that it was just somehow I’d screwed up the settings, but I went, all my receivers, and it was the same thing. Then I found out that there was some sort of a programming screw up between the Golf Channel and DirecTV.

So make sure that what you’re recording at nine o’clock tonight is not a rerun — and if it is, like it was last week, the original will air at midnight. I’m hoping they get it fixed, but this is episode four tonight. This is the first episode showing improvement, but Haney is not… Well, he’s in China in this episode, opening a new golf training center for the ChiComs and their rich kids. Kathryn Zeta-Jones somehow wormed her way into the show over there, taking a couple lessons. Meanwhile, I’m on the course here in Palm Beach with a good friend of mine from Palm Beach: David Rosow, the president of the Town Council here in Palm Beach. This episode is where I find my stride, because everybody is asking, ‘Are you getting any better? We’re not seeing any of that.’ That’s because I haven’t improved any while being taped with Haney.

Haney has been tearing down the stroke and the swing and building it back up, and my improvement (trying to learn from what he’s been teaching me) has happened as I’ve left, after I’ve left Haney and started working here on my own. Tonight the first episode where the improvement starts to show, and then next week, episode five in the Bahamas, is when the grand slam homeruns start racking up. So don’t miss it tonight. We got five to go. We’ve got seven of them taped. We’ve got one more to do the weekend of February 11th, and it’s building and building, and the crescendos… There might even be a couple tonight. Yeah, there will be. But next week, episode five in the Bahamas, that’s where mouths are wide open, in stunned disbelief.

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