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Well, well, well. After all the hype, and millions of advertising dollars, the sales figures are in. The new wonder-car produced with your tax dollars– the Government Motors Chevy Volt– sold 326 cars in December and 321 in January: a grand total of 647 cars.

The Nissan Leaf sold 19 cars in December, and 87 in January; that’s total of106. Now, remember:the Leaf was introduced with great fanfare. Their ad featured a polar bear walking thousands of miles, from the frozen tundra to a suburban neighborhood, to give a guy a bear hug of gratitude for buying one.

So I have an idea for the next ad campaign:

That polar bear ought to take another tour,the “Polar Bear Express”,right into the board rooms of Nissan and Government Motors, to slap executives on the back for being such pansies. After that, the polar bear should march down to the sales and marketing offices to laugh at the patsies who actually believed Americans wanted to pay a premium price for plug-in cars that get a few dozen miles per charge.

Next Polar Bear stop: the White House and Treasury,to pose for pictures with Government Motors CEO PharObama and CFO Timmy Geithner. And before returning to the frozen tundra, Polar Bear should make one last stopto Algore’s energy-wasting mansion in Tennessee,where he can grab a brew, eat some smoked salmon, and watch the comedy movie An Inconvenient Truth.

Because the truth is… these clowns are totally exposed.

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