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RUSH: Robert, Asheville, North Carolina, home of the famed Biltmore mansion. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Right down the road from me. Metaphysical dittos, Rush, and it’s an honor to speak to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: You know, you’ve been married for a little bit of time now and I want to tap into your infinite wisdom of experience. And the question, the old age adage is, ‘What does a woman want?’ That’s your question for today.

RUSH: What does a woman want? You know, it’s an interesting question because oftentimes you have to figure that out without — it’s a wild guess.

CALLER: (laughing) I’m open ears to you right now.

RUSH: (laughing) Whatever she can get, pretty much, is the answer to the question.


RUSH: What have you found it to be?

CALLER: You know, I have kind of a brief summary of it, and what a woman wants is always a choice in the matter. And I think that goes pretty true to most women, you know, it’s a choice, always a choice.

RUSH: Yeah. There’s an answer to this that’s on the tip of my brain, it’s trying to make its way to the forefront of my consciousness here.

CALLER: You gotta be careful with it, too.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: You gotta tap into your feminine side. (laughing)

RUSH: No, no. You don’t have to, you don’t. I mean what does a woman want more? When? Always. Final word. Woman wants the final word. Whatever the final word is, the woman wants to have it.

CALLER: You got it.

RUSH: There’s any number of ways to answer the question. The biggest mistake is to say she has no idea what she wants.

CALLER: Oh, yeah. (laughing)

RUSH: Don’t say that. Don’t say that. Anyway, Robert, I appreciate the call. There’s a brilliant line to answer this question and I’m having a brain freeze. Anyway, it will come to me, probably when talking to the Hutch.

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