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Alright. Our government is swimming in a sea of red ink. There’s no hope of balancing the federal budget in the near-term,even less hope of paying down the massive national debt.

Yet the Obama regime wants to double-down on government spending and over the next six years commit $53 billion to high-speed rail and passenger trains. Vice President Joe Bite Me was sent out to float this proposal. He said that “as a longtime Amtrak rider and advocate,” he understands “the need to invest in a modern rail system that will help connect communities, reduce congestion and create quality, skilled manufacturing jobs that cannot be outsourced.”

What PharObama and Bite Me fail to admit is that Amtrak’s a loser. If it were a private company, it would have gone out of business years ago. Likewise, if high-speed rail were financial feasible and desired, the private sector would already be building it –for profit.

America’snot Europe, we’re notChina. We have our own transportation culture.It’s individualistic; revolves around cars. Even SUVs. Liberals hate that, and they want to impose their obsession with “public transportation” on us (in this case, rail,especially since government jobs building the new railwayswould reward unions).

So let’s put to rest this notion that Obama is a “new centrist.” He’s from the wrong side of the tracks –the liberal side –and his economic policies are a high-speed train wreck, taking us straight to economic ruin.Don’t doubt me.

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