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“The Democrat Party, the American left, have had their boot on the neck of the golden goose for 50 years, and that golden goose is down to its last breaths.”

“This is the tip of the iceberg as these governors continue to have to make budget cuts. Nobody’s been using real money for a long time. It’s come due now. It can’t go on anymore.”

“We have Chuck Schumer out there advising everybody to call the Tea Party people extremists. Frankly, folks, I want some extremists when it comes to budget cutting.”

“This country will not survive very long with too many people thinking their neighbors owe ’em a living. Europe has shown us this.”

“You are not engaging in collective bargaining when you’re a public employee union member — you’re just shaking down your fellow citizens.”

“The Democrats run the Senate. They have not passed a budget. They’re not even really debating one. They don’t want a budget.”

“The multicultural curriculum is based on the premise that America is flawed, a fraud, and a lie. I mean that’s the thrust, that’s the whole reason for multiculturalism in the form of a curriculum.”

“The Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy. What is one of the courses, how to eat hamburgers without your wife finding out?”

“‘Drill, baby, drill’ — that’s exactly what we need to do, and we should have been doing it for decades.”

“How about asking the United Nations and the Arab League to tell Obama we should get serious here about cutting our budget? Well, I mean, he listens to them.”

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