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Since taking office, Obama has bailed out auto unions, teacher’s unions, and select Wall Street bankers (who were among his biggest donors)using the trillion-dollar Porkulus as a Democrat Party slush fund. Even now, the regime is proposing another round of spending increases for “infrastructure” and education; this,in addition to the $53 billion they want to lavish on high-speed rail nobody wants.

But with all that spending… I mean, there has tobe cuts. So theregime is planning to reign in federal spending by cutting $2.5 billion from the home heating aid program for the poor –half its budget.

With record unemployment, record snow, and subzero temperatures, states report that a record number of households are asking for help. Senator John Kerry(who served in Vietnam) protests: “In the middle of a brutal, even historic, New England winter, home heating assistance is more critical than ever to the health and welfare of millions of Americans, especially senior citizens.”

But that matters not to the cold-hearted Pharaoh in the White House. Tough choices must be made. And, apparently, the brunt of those tough choices will fall upon the backs of the most vulnerable: the elderly,the children,and minorities, who are always “hardest hit”. These peoplehave to face the cruelty of winterdefenseless;some may have to choose between heating and eating.

SoI offer a personal plea toPharObama:If you won’t let my people go,can you at least throw them a bone? Let them have heat, bro? Please?

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