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RUSH: Huntington Beach, California, this is Darren. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: (commercial on hold) ‘…and discover why we’re known as the nicest people in town. You have the assurance that comes with all of our 2008…’

RUSH: We were on hold? Is that what that was? Selling us insurance?

CALLER: Hello?

RUSH: Hello. Hi.

CALLER: Oh. Rush? Am I actually talking to you?

RUSH: Yeah, Darren. I thought you were gonna sell me insurance here for a second.

CALLER: No, you know, I’m here at my part-time job I’m a student and all. I’m so stoked to finally get to talk to you.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thank you very much, sir, you bet.

CALLER: Hey, what I was calling about is this whole deal about the, you know, Obama focusing on like a laser on our jobs. You know, I’ve yet to see where there’s any focus, anything laser-like at all.

RUSH: Oh, you haven’t seen Obama on Egypt then! I mean, there has been laser-like focus on. That’s all he’s been doing the past three or four days and look at what he’s accomplished..

CALLER: All I know is I’ve got two friends yesterday asking me if I have anyone hiring anything at all. Anything. My friends are losing jobs left and right. I’d say probably about 50, 60, maybe 70% of my friends are out of work since he’s become president — and, you know, this guy, Mr. Well Spoken, stammering every chance he doesn’t have a teleprompter in front of him —

RUSH: So what do you think?

CALLER: — can’t find a job for us.

RUSH: What do you think when you hear — for example, each week when the unemployment numbers come out — when you read, ‘Boy, the economy is in a great recovery mode, but damn it, we don’t seem to be creating jobs as quickly as the economy is recovering’? How does that all hit you?

CALLER: It actually infuriates me, because they come out this week, we’re down to 9%, unemployment’s dropping, but we’ve only added 30,000 jobs across the whole country? The math doesn’t add up. The guy’s full of crap. I feel like they’re blatantly lying to us and the public.

RUSH: Really?

CALLER: Yeah! I think he’s lying.

RUSH: Really think they’re lying to you?

CALLER: I believe it.

RUSH: When did that…?

CALLER: Am I wrong? (laughing)

RUSH: When did you first get that feeling, have that thought that they’re lying to you?

CALLER: Oh, Lord. I think I got the feeling about the time he was inaugurated

RUSH: Well!

CALLER: I didn’t believe anything he was saying about getting us a job —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — before he was even president. You know, he’s talking about socialism and everything. Well, he’s not saying socialism —

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: — but everything he says really is socialism, and socialism does not create jobs, not in any country, especially not in the good old US of A. You know, we need to get back to being the USA and, you know, leading the world in manufacturing. Let’s get some jobs. I’m not hearing enough this stuff about, ‘Hey all these illegal aliens, they’re just taking job Americans don’t want,’ because, Rush, I’ll tell you. I go to school right now. I’m a college student. I’m a long-haired hippie, pierced-out, tattoo-covered Republican. I’m probably the last guy you ever think would be, and I’ll tell you.

RUSH: Have you ever thought about going to…?

CALLER: It’s not uphill struggle fighting to tell the kids I go to school with trying to tell Obama and the way this country is going, and the Democrats are not what’s right for America. Ever.

RUSH: You say you’re a long-haired, maggot-infested, hippie-type looking guy?

CALLER: Well, yeah.

RUSH: Have you ever thought…?

CALLER: I’m the last guy you think would be a Republican.

RUSH: Have you ever thought about going to CPAC?

CALLER: Gosh, yes. I do.

RUSH: (stifled laughter)

CALLER: I did think about that. You know, and I’ve done some things where I went Sacramento and everything else. I tried to get to Obama’s speech when he was here in Costa Mesa a while back. But, you know, they interview everybody on line and if you don’t say something that they like enough, hey, you’re not even considered. I’m a real American concerned about our country and this guy’s got me scared. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to get a real full-time job once I get out of school., I may as well stay in there and get a master’s and a doctorate.

RUSH: They’re not gonna keep you down for long. I can tell. I think you’re probably at your wits’ end, and soon enough you are gonna realize that awaiting around for Obama to take steps isn’t gonna happen. You’re going to have to do it yourself, which you will. By the way, folks, Cookie gave me excerpts from my CPAC speech from last year, speaking of CPAC, and I’m not gonna have time to get to them today. I just now remembered. It’s one of the last things in the audio sound bite roster and I just now remembered, but I promised here to try to explain this defunding of Obamacare. You really do need to know what’s going on with this because the bottom line is the plan right now is not to defund Obamacare. It’s to defund only the discretionary spending of Obamacare. The way I understand it is akin to, ‘Well, yeah, we’ll cut a hundred billion but we’ll start with 32 billion,’ and I’ve made a commitment here to try to explain this to you. So I think what we’ll do is CPAC wraps Saturday, right?

So maybe Monday we’ll go back and we will relive my CPAC speech moment and who knows? Maybe I’ll get some of them in today. (interruption) What are you frowning at? What are you…? (interruption) The plan right now as I understand it is not to fully defund Obamacare, just the discretionary spending part of Obamacare — and Steve King, Republican from Iowa, is trying. It’s all tied up in rules language, and Steve King is trying to write new language to get past the rule that would allow the whole thing to be subject to defunding. Then we’ve learned that buried in Obamacare, buried inside this 2000-page monstrosity, Pelosi stuck a provision in there mandating $100 billion dollars be spent every year to implement the thing. That supposedly can’t be removed. As I say, I’m still trying to… This is a massive synthesizing I’ve gotta do here and I’ll give it a first stab as the program unfolds even more.

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