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RUSH: Here’s this Oprah Winfrey story. She was on television this morning. She said that she wants ‘more respect’ for Obama. She’s upset; Obama’s not getting enough respect from people. She said, ‘I feel everybody has a learning curve, and I feel that the reason why I was willing to step out for Obama was because I believed in his integrity, and I believed in his heart. I think everybody complaining ought to try what Obama’s doing just once before they start criticizing.’ She said, ‘The presidency is a position that holds a sense of authority and governance overall of us, and even if you’re not in support of his policies, there needs to be a certain level of respect.’

Now, I wonder. I wonder when The Oprah will figure out that she has just succeeded in positioning Obama as weak and failing. ‘Hey, come on! Hey! You know, it’s a tough job. You try it. You know, you start… It’s got a learning curve. I mean, I was willing to step out for him ’cause I believed in his integrity and I believed in his heart.’ She’s begging America to respect the man-child who’s out of his league. That’s what’s going on. I mean after all, Obama claimed he was gonna lower the seas, heal the sick, create millions of jobs (90% of them in the private sector). He hasn’t done that, and there has been a proportionate decline in respect. So what does The Oprah do? She pleads for us to respect, and what does that mean?

Respect the most powerful man in the world. Hey, look, this is not accidental, Oprah. He jammed unpopular, unconstitutional laws down our throats. Jobs? The deficit’s a disaster. Foreign policy is embarrassing. It’s in disarray. You have to earn respect. Many parts of the world we’re a laughingstock.

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