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RUSH: This afternoon in Louisville at the University of Louisville, Vice President Bite Me spoke about the Egyptian anti-government protests and President Mubarak stepping down. And Vice President Bite Me said he was not gonna talk about Egypt and then talked about Egypt for five minutes.

BIDEN: I don’t want to get ahead of him. That’s not a good thing to do. (laughter) But all kidding aside, this is a pivotal moment in history. It’s a pivotal moment in not only Middle East history but in history, I would argue. We have said from the beginning as an administration that this unrest, that the future of Egypt will be determined by the Egyptian people.

RUSH: I just want to remind you, folks, we have a story from the New York Times today: ‘Iran Presses Opposition to Refrain From Rally.’ The mullahs and Ahmadinejad are telling anti-government, pro-democratic protesters, ‘You better not show up. You better not do what they’re doing in Egypt.’ ‘Iran’s authorities have increased pressure on the country’s political opposition days before a rally proposed by opposition leaders in support of the popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt.’ And Ahmadinejad said, ‘You better not do it.’ Now, where will we come down? Where will our country be? Where will our media be? Will our media and our administration support an uprising in Iran against the mullahs there? Will Obama deliver a speech that begins, (imitating Obama) ‘People, blah, blah, blah, blah, Iran, blah, blah,’ the reverb. What will Obama say to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s opposition in Iran who want to hold a similar rally? Will there be a speech? If not, why not? I’m just asking the questions. Here’s Biden saying, ‘I don’t want to get ahead here of this Egypt. I really don’t want to say much about it.’ Here he is continuing to talk about it.

BIDEN: What the United States has said is what we’ve stood for and we continue to stand for: a set of core principles. The first is that violence and intimidation against peaceful demonstrators is totally, thoroughly unacceptable.

RUSH: Stop the tape. Except when our union people are hired to go beat up Tea Party protesters in St. Louis. And then we’re all for violence and intimidation against peaceful demonstrators. If they’re conservatives, if they’re Tea Party people showing up at town hall meetings, we’ll send our SEIU union tough guys out, and we’re all for violence and intimidation.

BIDEN: The universal rights of the Egyptian people must be respected and their aspirations must be met. And, thirdly, that the transition — the transition is taking place must be an irreversible change and a negotiated path toward democracy.

RUSH: This is Vice President Bite Me in Louisville this afternoon. One more bite.

BIDEN: Even in this contentious political climate in which we work, on this issue the United States has largely spoken with one voice, Democrats and Republicans alike speaking with the same voice. This unity has been important, and it will be even more important in these delicate and fateful days ahead. So I will not speak more about this today, I had planned on speaking more about it, but it’s much more appropriate that we all wait and the president will deliver his statement on this in about an hour.

RUSH: So I’m not gonna say anything about this, after five minutes of talking about it, and wait for the leader of our regime to make the statement. Any of you, ladies and gentlemen, think that whatever comes next in Egypt will be better for US interests than Mubarak has been? Who knows? I don’t think this is good. I, frankly, don’t think so. It’s not gonna be roses and tulips over there for these people, these protesters. This is not gonna end well, wherever it ends up. I’d love to be wrong. That’s my fear about it. I don’t think it’s gonna end well.

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