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RUSH: We have a montage of a whole bunch of former elected officials, government appointees, and what have you talking about the need to reduce health care costs. Listen to this.

ROBERT B. REICH: We have to deal with rising health care costs.

DEAN BAKER: Our health care system is a disaster. We spend more than twice as much per person as Canada, as Germany.

ALAN SIMPSON BABE: We couldn’t even wrap our arms around health care. It’s a monster.

MERRILL GOOZNER: Until we get health care costs under control in this country…

PETER MORICI: Quite simply were going to get a handle on health care costs.

JOHN PODESTA: The big killer in the budget over the long term is trying to get health care costs overall across the board.

JAMES CARVILLE: If health care costs keep going up, it’s gonna to break the country.

RUSH: That’s James Carville there wrapping it up. Now, I thought that we solved this problem with Obamacare. That’s why I, for you, am playing the sound bite. Well, what about all the deficit reduction? In fact, we had to pass Obamacare or else the deficit was gonna spiral out of control. We had to pass it. Well, we have. Obamacare is the unconstitutional law of the land now, and yet here come these leftists claiming that we gotta do something about health care costs or they’re gonna wreck the country. Are they not admitting here that Obamacare does not and did not solve this? Sounds like it to me. It’s more evidence here that nothing’s been done vis-a-vis Obamacare to reduce health care costs. It’s just the exact opposite.

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