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Well, as many as 200,000 people gathered to protest,only this time, instead of “Death to America,” the chants were “Death to the dictator” and “We are all together” and “Down with the Taliban in Cairo and Tehran”. The location was Iran, and if recent history is a guide, some of the protesters daring to challenge the oppressive regime will die.

“The noble people of Iran should participate in the peaceful demonstration with calm and resolve,” declared the protestors’ website. In addition to urging nonviolence, it warned of government agents infiltrating to create disturbances in order to derail the protest.

Now, by all accounts, the regime was taken by surpriseby the tens of thousands of citizens who showed up to voice their opposition to the Islamic radicals who’ve hijacked their nation since1979. Tear gas, batons, and arrests could not hold back the protesters, who ignored a ban imposed by Iran’s government– the same government that praised the protest in Egypt.

After Iran’s earlier protests, in 2009, two people were hanged, and many others imprisoned. Opposition leaders were placed under house arrest. Every protester who participated this time had to know thatthere was a chance that they, too, could be hauled off to jail or killed, and yet,they came.

The yearning in the souls of the Iranian peopleis the same passion that led our Founders to risk their homes andtheir wealth and their lives. It’s called “the quest for freedom”.

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