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“If there’s to be a United States as we’ve known it, we’ve gotta get this budget deficit under control. To do that, you can cut spending or raise taxes 88%. Take your pick.”

“I started to think: What standing do these Democrats have to object to Paul Ryan’s budget? They didn’t even offer one last year! By the way, another question: Where’s the No Labels crowd here?”

“To the Republicans I would say, ‘Why are you so afraid of the shutdown? Even if you do get blamed, what are we talking about here? We’re talking about an out-of-control federal government!'”

“We are a great nation at risk in a dangerous world. And there’s some people coming along, rolling up their sleeves, who are ready to do the heavy lifting, and these spectators — these cowards, these sideline-sitters, these Democrats — respond in their typical, 30-year-old way: ‘It’s extreme.'”

“Paul Ryan is serious, and Paul Ryan wants the Democrats to try to blow holes through all of this. He’s such a strong believer in the merits of what he has presented that an honest answer to every objection will win the day.”

“I don’t care if the government shuts down. My life is not affected. I don’t live in mortal fear of the precious government shutting down for a day or two.”

“Now, who is it that’s giving tax breaks to rich corporations? Who is it that is in bed with corporations that could afford their own health care benefits? It’s not John Boehner, and it isn’t Paul Ryan. It’s your president, Barack Hussein Obama, hmm, hmm, hmm, who did it in order to save his precious Obamacare bill.”

“One thing I do not lack is communication skills. I am able to face millions of people behind the microphone and tell them exactly what I believe without nerves, and I’m not worried about what the press does to me.”

“Work is where you accomplish things. Work is where achievement is noted. Work is where progress takes place. Work is what makes everything else possible. And work is a dirty word to the American left.”

“The left never wants to improve people’s lot in life. All they want to do is lower the achievers so that there’s less of a gap.”

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