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RUSH: Folks, in the first hour I was actually talking about Obama and his propensity to lie to everybody routinely and regularly.

I got sidetracked for an hour in that by this polling data.

But I want to get back because I think that this stuff needs to be out there and it needs to be said. It’s time to call Obama out on all this. He gets away with all these lies or “misstatements” or “exaggerations” or what have you, and the press doesn’t call him on it. I just decided that I’m not gonna sit here and assume that everybody in this audience, at least, knows it’s BS. I’m not gonna take the chance.

I left off with, I think, contraceptives, and this notion that Obama’s setting up for women this election. He claims that he’s gonna ensure that women will have access to birth control pills. He’s making a big deal out of that so-called War on Women, and yet nowhere in this country is it impossible or even difficult for anybody to get contraceptives. It doesn’t matter who the president is.

It doesn’t matter who the president is about abortion. There’s no president who can stop abortion. There’s no president that can or will ban birth control pills. Remember how this all started, this War on Women thing? It was back in January, and it was a Republican primary debate, and George Stephanopoulos asked Romney if he thought contraception should be banned.

Romney didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. Nobody has ever suggested banning it. (paraphrased exchange) He said, “George, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “Well, should a state be able to if it wants to, Governor?” “Well, George, nobody’s talking about that.” But that didn’t matter. Now it was out there that Romney had talked about banning contraceptives. Stephanopoulos put the question out, Romney answered it, and therefore the narrative was complete.

They could then say in the media: “Romney talked about banning contraceptives!” That’s how dishonest they are and how they work, and it had to be coordinated because not long after that, here came this whole notion there’s a War on Women out there, where Republicans want to deny women birth control pills. Everybody’s sitting there scratching their heads. “What in the world is this all about?” Nobody ever thought about denying birth control pills to anybody, ever.

There’s not one Republican who thinks about that kind of thing, and certainly not in a political sense, not political issue-wise. But it was there. Stephanopoulos had to ask it two or three times because Romney was so stupefied. All Romney had to do was just say anything, just answer the question, and the press had the narrative: “Romney talked about banning contraceptives last night!” And that got the whole War on Women thing going.

And in the campaign even now, Obama’s running around and he’s trying to make women think that Romney is gonna be standing in the aisle at Walgreens. When they walk in there to get their birth control pills, Mitt Romney’s gonna be there hiding them and telling them they can’t have them. And you and I say, “Who in the world is gonna believe this?” Sadly, there are some who do apparently. Remember, he’s trying to coalesce the Moron Vote. He’s another one: Obama claims to represent Hispanics in this country.

There are between 30 and 40 million Hispanics in America. Now, let me ask a simple question. Exactly what has Obama done for 30 to 40 million Hispanics in this country? Has he made it easier for them to get a job? Has Obama made it easier for Hispanics to save money? Has Obama made it easier for Hispanics to own a home? Has Obama made it easier for Hispanics to start a business? My point here is that Obama’s disastrous economic policies know no race or ethnicity. Obama’s economic policies are not targeted to groups. They are hurting everybody. There is no group that’s being assisted by Obama. Even his plans to help people, like the mortgage assistance program, none of it worked. It was all a bureaucratic nightmare, and none of it worked.

The Hispanic unemployment rate is 10.1%. The nationwide unemployment rate is 8.1%. Just what has Obama done for these 30 to 40 million Hispanics, and why do they think that Obama is their answer? Obama’s economic policies are damaging everybody, and his policies don’t know if you’re Hispanic, black, white, green, Martian, bisexual, trisexual, quadrisexual, they don’t know who you are. All they know is, his policies are destined to hurt everybody. Unemployment, again, with Hispanics, 10.1%. It’s rising. It’s on the way to 11%. Hispanics do not have some special exemption from the economic conditions Obama has unleashed on this nation.

All of you Hispanics thinking of voting for Obama, what’s he done for you? He hasn’t done anything for you. All he’s done is what he’s done to everybody else, and that’s damage the economy and damage economic opportunity for everybody. And you Hispanics and you women and you blacks and every other group that Obama’s talking to rather than America at large, none of you have an exemption from his disastrous policies. None of you have a boundary or a shield around you that will protect you from his policies affecting you. His policies affect all of us. His policies are destroying this economy, and we don’t even have half of ’em in place yet.

Obamacare kicks in next year and the year after. His tax increases kick in. His spending continues. We’re looking at a financial collapse. If you think that you’re gonna survive on what you get from the government, there isn’t gonna be anybody producing enough to be taxed enough for the government to redistribute anything. They’re gonna have to print it or continue to borrow it, but there isn’t going to be any economic expansion or growth. There isn’t going to be real growth in the job market. It is not mathematically or policy-wise possible. Not with the policies Obama’s put in place.

I would ask any of you, whether you’re Hispanic or black or female or what have you, what has Obama done for you to date? What’s he done for you? How’s your life better? It isn’t. Your life isn’t any better. He hasn’t done anything for you. But yet for some reason he’s been able to convince some of you that Romney’s gonna make it really hard on you. Three and a half years of a record matters. We have a president running for reelection who will not run on his record. His big achievement, health care. He’s trying to act like it hasn’t happened. He doesn’t want you reflecting on it. He doesn’t want you realizing that rather than a $2,500 reduction in your premiums, say hello to a $3,000 increase.

He wants you realizing this after the election when there’s nothing you can do about it. After he’s reelected, that’s when all of this fully kicks in, 2013, 2014, when it’s too late to do anything about it. Do you wonder why he doesn’t run around and tout all his great achievements? He’s got two: killed Osama, save General Motors. Big whoop. Nothing to write home about General Motors, sadly. But everybody in this country, you need to ask yourself, you’ve got a president who’s claiming he’s looking out for you, he’s helping you. Jobs councils, all these things, what has he done for you? He hasn’t done anything for you. There is nothing that is any better, nothing that has improved since he took office. Let me be frank about something else.

For all of this talk about Obama being the first black president, the plight of inner city children in this nation has not changed. In fact, Obama is the single biggest obstacle to school choice and options in our cities and minority communities. He’s the obstacle. He’s standing in the way of improvement for inner city kids. It’s Obama. Race has nothing to do with it. He’s a liberal. He’s a Democrat. His policies stink, they are not helping anybody, and they haven’t helped you, and for all this talk about the first black president, what do you think black unemployment in the country is? How’s he helping you? He isn’t.


RUSH: You know what my guess is? My sense is, if you could talk to people privately and individually in the African-American community, you would find a vast majority of ’em puzzled that things aren’t better off for them. I’m sure they had much higher expectations than the reality they got. You know they had to. First black president. You remember the first town halls. “I want this. I want that.” I mean, they bought into the fact that years and years and years of what they perceived as unfairness and discrimination, was gonna be fixed, was gonna be dealt with, and what had been rightfully theirs but denied them was gonna be given to them or they were gonna get it somehow.

It had meaning. First black president, it was not just something historical. It had substantive meaning. He hasn’t done anything for anybody. He hasn’t done anything for Hispanics. He hasn’t done anything for women. He hasn’t done anything for small business. He hasn’t done anything for health care. He really hasn’t helped General Motors. He gave it to the unions. He hasn’t done anything, folks. The plight of inner city kids — by that I mean African-American school kids — hasn’t changed. Those schools are still dilapidated. There’s no change on the horizon. In fact, it’s Obama that took away school choice from any inner city parents. Remember, when he took office there was a program in Washington where black parents could send their kids to Sidwell Friends or the equivalent. It was Obama who stopped the program.

He took away the opportunity from black parents to choose the schools. It was a voucher program. He took it away to protect the teachers unions. Now, when emotions are put aside, when race-baiting and gender politics are put aside — and that’s all Obama does, race baits, gender politics, War on Women — you put all that aside, when you look at the facts, when you look at the record, when you look at the substance of this administration the past 3-1/2 years, we have a president who has failed, majestically failed, overwhelmingly failed. He has failed all the people of this great nation, including those he claims to champion. He has failed everyone. He is helping no one.


RUSH: You know how Obama ended the voucher program in Washington? He just defunded it, just took it out of the budget. Took the money away from it, allocated it somewhere else. He’s not doing anything for you. If you’re African-American, if you’re Hispanic, if you’re female, he’s not doing anything. In fact, he’s actually doing things to people. This is not a cool, nice guy. This is a cold, ruthless, very typical politician. Let me ask you this, folks. Seriously. What exactly have you heard from Obama or from David Axelrod or from David Plouffe or anybody in the campaign, or anybody at the White House, what have you heard of Obama’s policies that he will put in place the next four years that will reverse what’s happened here? What?

What exactly are the Obama policies that he would put in place in the next four years that would reverse what he’s done? He’s out there running against what has happened. He’s running against the deficit he created. He’s running against the debt. He added $5.5 trillion to it. He’s running against all these things that happened. He’s out there telling the Univision people you can’t fix Washington from the inside, that’s one thing he’s learned. He wants to stay inside, though. I want you to stop and think, what exactly are the Obama policies that he would put in place in the next four years that would reverse what he’s done?

Let me get specific. How will Obama grow the private sector? What have you heard him say? Where are the announced policies that you have heard from Obama that will expand employment, that will grow the private sector? What taxes is he planning on cutting? There will have to be some tax cuts if there is to be economic growth. Some of you may not like hearing that, but the truth is the truth. Have you heard him detail what taxes he’s planning on cutting? Have you heard him detail what regulations he’s going to repeal? I want you to stop and ask yourself, what’s he gonna reverse? What have you heard him say that he is going to put in place that will change the direction of this country?

He says he’s gonna get the deficit under control. I want to know what are the policies that are gonna do it. Of course he’s gonna get the deficit under control. How? For 3-1/2 years you’ve heard him say he’s focused laser-like on jobs? We keep losing ’em. For 3-1/2 years you’ve heard him say we gotta get the deficit down, or we’re gonna get the deficit down, we’re gonna stop all this spending and the debt. Has it done anything but continue to grow out of control?

I’m not asking you what you’ve heard him say he wants to fix. I’m asking you what are exactly the policies that you have heard that he will put in place in the next four years that will reverse what he’s done? How will he reduce the deficit? How will he reduce unemployment? What taxes is he planning on cutting? What regulations is he going to repeal? All you’ve heard him say is he just needs more time. More time for what? Oh. The policies that he’s put in place to work just need more time. Really? We’re trending in the right direction.

“Fifty-five percent of small business owners would not start a company today.” This is from the Washington Examiner. “Fifty-five percent of small business owners would not start a company today.” They blame Obama and his policies. Just last week we heard, because of Census Bureau data, that more people are moving, that the economy, we’re in a recovery now. But every day that there are new government statistics, there is no recovery. He wants more time, fine. But I want you to seriously consider, he wants more time for his current policies to work. If they haven’t worked in 3-1/2 years, why will they work next year or the year after? If the stimulus of 2009 has not created jobs, and if he has admitted since that there really weren’t any shovel-ready jobs, then what, pray tell, will another two years accomplish with the same policies?

We’re gonna have more green jobs and renewable energy, huh? How’s that been working out now? Every solar company that he’s gone into business with has gone into bankruptcy after making sure that some of the money that he gave them has been sent back to him in the form of campaign contributions. My point here, there are no fiscal policies that Barack Obama’s gonna pursue that will result in more credit being available to future entrepreneurs. He has not got one single policy that he has announced or that he believes in that will reduce the size of the federal government, that will reduce the size of the debt.

There’s not one Obama policy that is going to reload the private sector with capital, make it available to entrepreneurs and individuals to grow businesses and to hire people. His policies are gonna continue to take money from people, transfer it to government, where he will redistribute it to people for the express purpose of getting their vote, not for economic growth. My point is that there are no Obama policies that he will put in place the next four years that will reverse what he has done. And he’s admitted it. He doesn’t have it. He’s sticking with what he’s done. Needs more time. What will Obama do to help American companies compete with foreign companies? Will he lower the corporate income tax rate? It’s the highest in the world in this country at 35%. If he’s not going to do that, how does he expect to create jobs and prevent what he calls outsourcing?

I’m just asking. These are legitimate policy questions based on the record of a man who’s been in office for 3-1/2 years and has been very active in implementing the policies he believes in. But none of these policies grow the private sector. None of these policies create wealth. None of these policies expand the opportunity for people to create wealth. And I don’t mean get rich. I mean hire people for growing businesses. What policies will Barack Obama put in place to lower the prices of electricity, gasoline, and oil? That affects everybody’s pocketbooks and wallet.

The price of a gallon of gasoline has gone from $1.85 to just under $4 during his presidency. This is a man who has said that electricity rates “will necessarily skyrocket” as he takes the coal industry offline and replaces it with all this newfangled green energy. The point is that Barack Obama does not have a single policy that will lower the price of electricity, that will lower the price of gasoline, that will lower the price of oil.

That affects everybody’s pocketbook. He does not have one policy that will reduce the cost of energy. He doesn’t have one policy that will expand the amount of energy that we have. In fact, his policies do just the opposite. Now, I’m asking these questions. These are real questions, and they matter, and the answers have real consequences for everybody. We have a man campaigning on the notion that the first 200 years of this country were unfair and unjust and he’s here to fix it.

And while he puts his “fixes” in place, everything is being broken, destroyed, ruined. I see in the CBS poll that people in Ohio think Obama’s better suited to run the economy than Romney. I want to know on what basis? On every question I have just asked, somebody name for me one Obama policy that improves anything in our economy, and you can’t. In fact, as far as his second term is concerned, Obama hasn’t even announced a policy for anything.

He’s just said (paraphrased), “I need more time for my brilliant plans of the first term to finally take root and take hold.” That will just prolong and expand the current crisis. How will Obama improve the housing market? You know when January 1st comes, massive tax increases hit. Income tax increases. Business tax increases. The capital gains tax rate is going to go up.

When people have less income and are giving more of their income to the government, they have less to spend to buy homes. They have less to spend on their kids, families, or what have you. I’m asking, in a pure policy sense here, can anybody tell me…? I’m asking specifically. I know there are people in this audience that support the president and you want to vote for him. I’m just trying to understand why.

Throw out the fact that he’s historical, the first black president. Throw out the fact that he’s a Democrat and you have party loyalty. Where is the improvement in your life? Where are the examples of things this man has done for you? He has set himself up as a man who’s gonna do things for people. Where are they? How has life in America improved in the last three years, and what have you heard from him that’s going to make it get even better?

What about health care?

Obama and Obamacare, he said, will reduce the price of insurance premiums. He said insurance premiums will go down $2500. As soon as Obamacare became law, have you noticed the cost of health insurance premiums is skyrocketing? Because of Obamacare! In other words, pretty much everything he said about Obamacare has turned out to be 180 degrees out of phase, untrue, totally untrue. He has lied, folks. He has lied to us for 3-1/2 years.

He brazenly continues to lie that you “get to keep” your doctor and your insurance plan that you have now if you like it. You will not be able to. “Yep! You’ll be able to keep your private policy because of Obamacare.” No. It’s because of Obamacare you’re going to lose your private policy! It’s because of Obamacare you’re gonna lose the doctor you’ve got. It’s Obamacare that brings the changes that affect you in such ways as losing the doctor and plan that you have.

If Obama didn’t do anything, if there was no Obamacare, you wouldn’t be losing your doctor or your plan. But what of health care? Obama said that Obamacare would reduce the price of premiums, cost of premiums, and your health care would improve. But millions of you are gonna lose your current health care coverage. What are you gonna do? Are you gonna join government exchange program?

If you don’t do that, you’ll be fined by the federal government. Obama’s not gonna fix any of this, folks. He’s the cause of it. He’s not fixing anything! He’s making things go wrong. He’s the cause of what’s going wrong. Millions of you are gonna lose your health care coverage. What are you gonna do? You’re gonna be fined if you don’t go out and join an exchange.


RUSH: I have to ask these questions, because none of this — none of this mess that we’re in — is in any way going to be fixed. There’s not one policy that’s been announced, there’s not one policy in this man’s mind that will fix what he has caused to break. He’s not doing anything for you.

I don’t care if you’re female, Hispanic, black, African-American, Asian. Whatever you are, life hasn’t changed. The only person looking out for you is you. And if you’re not doing it, believe me, he’s not. He wants you to think so, but he’s not. He can’t! Nobody can do for you what you can do for yourself. It’s not possible. Now, Obama’s out there posing — and I mean “posing” — as the leader of the middle class, the guy who cares about working people, the voice of women and minorities.

But when you implement policies and laws that drag down a country and make it poorer — that destroy enterprises, incomes, jobs, opportunities — you don’t represent any of the people in this country regardless who they are. None of us, folks, are being represented. None of us are being looked out for. We are all fighting what’s coming out of this government. This government is an obstacle now.

This government is in people’s way — and this is what needs to be understood, from street to street, community to community. The middle class is not being represented. The 1% is not being represented. Nobody is! The only people being looked out for are the people that donate money to Obama. He does take care of them. Which, he’s not alone. That’s politics. But seriously, Obama the leader of the middle class? What’s he done for you?

Where are all the jobs? We’ve had job summits, we’ve had deficit summits and commissions and so forth. Where is all this stuff? Do you realize not one thing, folks, has happened to improve the economy of this country. Nothing. You’re being inundated with millions of dollars of propaganda called Obama political ads. They’re all over your TV, radio, social media, the Internet.

They’re all designed to distract you, target your emotions, create false narratives, rewrite history. They’re designed to do a host of things aimed at manipulating you based on your gender, your race, your income. Mostly, you are being lied to over and over and over again. Nobody’s looking out for you, and you are not finding your life getting better, and there’s nothing Obama’s doing that will improve your life.

It has to change.

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